Charles Li, HKEx president: the stock market crash is a general market reaction without fuss

Hong Kong media reports, Hong Kong stocks fell, once nosedive nearly a thousand points, HKEx Chief Executive Officer Charles Li said in response yesterday in Hong Kong due to holiday, but other market opening, which appears to large shocks A shares。The current international market situation remains uncertain, there is still the threat of a trade war, affect investment sentiment, stock market volatility and therefore also a normal reaction, the market without fuss。  Charles Li, the general reaction to the prospectus of millet Group, said the HKEx will not regulatory asset price change, whether it fell below the offer price after the IPO or the price surge, are determined by buyers and sellers。There are rumors that the mainland to suspend the issuance CDR, he thought to result from short-term fluctuations in the market, we believe that the authorities will balance all the factors, to promote the development of appropriate according to their own direction。  Hong Kong-listed shares of the recent large-scale break, Mr Li said that Hong Kong market is a market of the sea, connected global funds, so long as there is a good valuation, good company, no worries about money, we are not limited pool, the recent break new shares which are changes in the secondary market price, for the price changes by both sides of the market – supply-side and demand-side price game out of each other, so it still reflects normal trading relations market。  [Reports] Hong Kong stocks closed Monday, the Hang Seng Index continued to dip in the past week, the lowest see 28169 points last Thursday, just three weeks time the cumulative decline over 3000。Fortunately, the Zhou Wuheng refers to usher in a significant rebound in the week showed a lesser decline。Ending June day returning to the emergence of a strong rebound, the market has played a lot of soothing。From a technical point of view, bottoming out two days before the holiday, the Hang Seng Index seems to get rid of evidence of security force plus channel bottom, or had the opportunity to further recover up 250 antenna, but still short-term deployment of appropriate strategies。  Hong Kong stocks fell in June for about Semis, blue-chip stocks declines are alarming。In particular, the negative impact from the face of the policy, real estate and financial stocks last week fell significantly suppress the overall atmosphere of the big city。China's central bank the latest quarter regular meeting to pass out loose signal, long troubled market funds face pressure tends to ease in the second half or signs of a rebound retaliatory Ruqierzhi。Market outlook, the Daily News coming season, major economic data is still showing steady situation, the "seven stand up" market worth the wait。  By Thursday of last month, dry ports through the southern aspect to a net outflow of funds 143.7.5 billion yuan, and the capital of the North 355.1 minute billion yuan, the total net inflow of both history is gradually reduced。South to north water scale cuts, mainly since the second quarter of the mainland's own tensions, and subdued affect the overall investment climate。If the improvement in the second half, while the A shares also gradually out weak, then south again expected funds still choose, there will be greater support for the Hong Kong stock。  Specifically, the Hang Seng Index CBBC cash flow, as at last Thursday of the past five trading days, HSI Bull get close to HK $ 300 million net inflow of funds, the opposite occurs about 1 Bear.HK $ 200 million net outflow of funds, this trend has continued for more than two weeks, or reflect the funds buy more or more cases。Street distribution of goods, as of last Thursday, HSI Bull positions mainly in the call price between 27,800 points to 28200 points, overnight street goods equivalent to about 2860, the futures contract; and speed up HSI Bear positive horses, rollover Call price close to the price bear between 29200 points to 29500 points, overnight street goods equivalent to about 1620, the futures contract。  Stock capital flow, the recent, such as Tencent, HKEx and Ping An Insurance and other front-line blue-chip funds are bargain hunting, subscription card of about 99 million, respectively, in the past five days, a net 35 million and HK $ 36 million capital inflows, while Tencent the Bull also see a net inflow of funds of approximately HK $ 64 million。In addition, last week the stock hit a new low stage of China Construction Bank, Country Garden and Geely call warrants also see funding sought, the relevant subscription cards were about 13.82 million, 13.2 million and HK $ 12.88 million net inflow of funds。  Warrants implied volatility, the index warrants implied volatility generally rise to three months posted price OTC options, for example, the HSI implied volatility rises 1.7 to 17 points volatility.9%, implied volatility HSCEI volatility up 2 to 20 points.3%; stocks Plate, international banks HSBC implied volatility rises 1.8 to 15 points volatility.6%; HKEx implied volatility of about 1 microliter.20 points to an amplitude.2%; Ping An Insurance shares of implied volatility increased by 1.9 to 20 points volatility.3%; implied volatility of CCB shares of Bank rose 2 Micro.8 to 21 points volatility.3%; Tencent information technology stocks edged down implied volatility of about 0.23 points to an amplitude.6%。  Hong Kong stocks fell for three weeks in June, market conditions remained weak, confidence can not be restored overnight。The impact of recent cases has been enlarged from the news side, stocks intraday volatility over more than 5% and 10% frequently appear, which should pay attention to risk。July market is about to be kicked off, a slight warming of external market conditions, the Hong Kong stock market outlook is also expected to Daily News quotes。(Source: China Securities Journal)