BGI boasted employees are required to live to be 100 years old media: Hawking can not participate

May 28, Wang Jian, chairman of BGI when attending a fair number of forum in Guiyang, said his company does not allow employees have birth defects, and require employees to live to be 100 years old, this has also developed three provisions, including the inability to take the elevator, etc.。His remark drew criticism a lot of friends。  BGI is engaged in genetic testing and other related industries bioinformatics company (recommended reading), the use of gene technology in recent years, genetic testing, genetic screening, done some work on scientific research and application of。I found the video Jian looked at the floor, he was so exact words were spoken: "(We) do not allow company employees have birth defects, if there are birth defects that we (business) 7,000 shame of all。In the society that we Fudge, staring at someone else's wallet, not really from the sciences。More than 1,400 of our children were born, no one has known severe birth defects。"As for the two other provisions, such as tumor found no later than the hospital, the staff can not take the elevator, it is to serve 'employees live to 100' purposes。  Employees say that is the best advertising business, it is clear that the statement of the chairman, the advertising component is greater than the talk itself can not stand scrutiny。If you clearly understand the words "vision" and advertising nature, the so-called "Do not allow birth defects," although it sounds very harsh, but also in line with the business's promotional and marketing logic。This anti-hair loss products will not please with bald people speak, this is shaping corporate image and product demand dictates — you do gene sequencing, the results of their own employees but because of genetic defects and children sick, that it is not self-contradictory?  The problem is that involving human embryonic cells or germ cells gene technology, involved sensitive Science Ethics。Although significant in the treatment of genetic diseases, rescue trapped in infants and their families of genetic mutations, there are inherent challenges in recent years, scientists have repeatedly ethical boundaries and management research, but the scientific community and the public on the history of "eugenics" will bring painful memories, and the fear of design "perfect baby", the study of the human genome external forces generally cautious attitude。The chairman of the board, then led a group of ridicule, I think the key words that confuse fantasy and science of corporate responsibility, the boundaries between business needs and fair environment policy advocacy and marketing staff。  If you follow the standard boss, like Hawking, scientists such as Steve Nash probably never be able to enter the work BGI。Hawking suffers from motor neurone disease, "the father of game theory of" Nash is paranoid schizophrenia, the two diseases are considered to be related with genetic。They mention climbing stairs, sit at home, I am afraid to have difficulty Elevator。We admire the wisdom and talent to fight, even more, for such institutions as the University of Cambridge genius with disabilities to provide fair employment opportunities, good care and financial support。Provide support for them is to send a clear signal to the world: human creativity can go beyond the limitations of body and mind。Mainstream society where it is considered "perfect" man, in a fair environment may also play a talent, and such institutions and enterprises, will it be possible to hire the brightest talent diverse backgrounds。  As corporate executives, corporate advertising is understandable to see young people do not exercise, eating disorders, for "the mentality of the parents," the affair, turn off the elevator, as a personal opinion, the overall situation has nothing to do private exchanges。But if the personal biases become corporate policies, and even affect the recruitment and promotion treatment of employees, there is a fair chance in violation of the principle of individual rights of employees suspected of interference, which can not be careless。  Related reports (Original title: "Employees must live to be 100 years old" in the science fantasy and Corporate Responsibility) (Editor: DF070)