An established male Hebei District property market affect the whole interpretation of the State Council resolution

Recently, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued a circular, decided to establish。This is a major strategic choice Comrade Xi Jinping as the historic core of the CPC Central Committee, is a new area after Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area, another national importance, the Millennium plans, national issues。  New security plan covering male Xiong County, Hebei Province, Rongcheng, 3 Anxin County and the surrounding area section, located in Beijing, Tianjin, Baoding hinterland, location advantages, traffic smooth and convenient, good ecological environment, strong resources and environment carrying capacity low current level of development, ample space for development, with development and construction in high standard basic conditions。Male security planning and development in a particular area to the starting area previously developed starting area of about 100 square kilometers, medium-term development area of about 200 square kilometers, long-term control area of about 2000 square kilometers。  New male security establishment, is at the core of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping to further promote the deployment of a major decision made by the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin, Beijing to ease focus on non-capital function, to explore the development of new models to optimize economic densely population areas, adjust and optimize Beijing urban layout and spatial structure of Tianjin and Hebei, foster innovation and drive the development of new engines, it is of great realistic significance and far-reaching historical significance。  New male security brokerage triggered heated debate turned out, the day the wind strategy pointed out that three male security New Rare: high positioning of the rare; the scale of the rare; the intensity of rare words。We believe that the establishment of the new district of Hebei male security significance, with particular attention to transfer of industry brought about investment opportunities in real estate stocks。Securities pointed out that there are three levels of male security New Investment Opportunities。    How to help the new district of Beijing, Tianjin male An upgrade strategy?Key in the industry to undertake and optimize the spatial layout of two dimensions: 1) to undertake industrial concentration, male New security key positioning ease Beijing is the capital of non-functional; 2) optimization of Beijing, Tianjin and "one core, Twins, three-, four districts, and more node "and Hebei Province 'wings, four districts, five-band, multi-point' urban spatial structure, key cities in the province to implement inter-industry linkage。Investment strategy, the establishment of new district marks the male security upgrade Beijing, Tianjin and integration strategy, we recommend continuing attention of Beijing, Tianjin and integrated security male New Theme。Benefit from the subject include: ,,,,,, etc.。    Societe Generale Securities believes that the establishment of the new district of Hebei male security is significant, important step in the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin。An Hebei male New high starting point, high position, second only to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area, is considered to be the center of the Millennium plan, national issues。Investors are advised to continue to focus on our February 20 report "Beijing, Tianjin and industry joint development, integration of traffic ahead" real estate proposed, building materials, steel, shipping investment opportunities, especially in the investment industry transfer brought the real estate stocks opportunity。    Chen Tiancheng Securities said in a report, male New construction safety significance, there are three main levels of equity investment, one has within the planning area or land bank is expected to have a direct benefit (China Fortune 481.2 km2 + Jinghan shares 1,500 acres), and second, Beijing, Tianjin and upgrade revenue sources improved (Risesun 21% + 100%), the third is the follow-up or to promote the central zone construction (Articles 112 West reserves + 1.27 million Beijing urban Construction shed change) and trust the new leadership of the city's comprehensive operator (and the Shenzhen municipal government will develop sea front 2.9 km2)。    Insist Aoyama do not relax, hold on strategic opportunities!Beijing, Tianjin and third anniversary of the day the wind strategy based on confidence in President Xi State Department of the CPC Central Committee, repeatedly suggesting the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and strategic opportunities。As the staunchest the most promising opportunities in Beijing, Tianjin seller strategy, our understanding is that three rare: 1, high positioning of the rare, the third after Shenzhen and Pudong New Area。Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and the Pudong New Area are sub-provincial units, stand out, each devoted a generation of leaders of the effort。2, the scale of the rare, Shenzhen 1996 square kilometers, 1210 square kilometers in Pudong New Area, male New long-term planning security area of 2000 square kilometers, the big ambition of mine and, seen by。3, the intensity of rare words, if I remember correctly, the word millennium plan appeared in the official press release is the first time。Used to describe a new area, possibly beyond the scope of project generation of leaders。    CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued a circular, decided to establish safe male Hebei District, since last year, we continue to emphasize the strategic importance of the integration of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, the new area is safe landing male move milestone on the occasion of the third anniversary of Beijing, Tianjin!Task male An District are: 1, the construction of green wisdom Metro; 2, creating an ecological city; 3, the development of high-end high; 4, to provide quality; 5, to build fast and efficient transportation network; 6, promote the reform of institutional mechanisms to stimulate market activity; 7, to create a new platform to expand foreign cooperation and open new heights。    National strength and determination, which is expected to advance significantly faster than expected。According to reports, the People's Daily commentator said, "the Hebei earth, but also a story of the spring being kicked off", but the state also stressed that safe male New Millennium plans, national affairs, we expect the construction of the new use of the country the level of resources and power, its speed will greatly promote the landing than expected。An optimum benefit from the subject of male New recommendation: China Fortune, Emori Development, Beijing Urban Construction; focus on the Beijing-Hankou shares,。    Recently, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued a circular, decided to establish a new area of Hebei male security。Many investors eager to find real estate investment opportunities, but unfortunately the current male New real estate transaction basic security freeze。This morning, livelihood security team held a telephone meeting, we recommended male security around New investment opportunities, want to choose a small risk Zhuozhou, Gaobeidian, drift north then set shot fast; want flexibility, large gains can choose Baigou, and Bazhou Baoding city。    Three counties inside, Anxin Baiyangdian from the nearest (to 301 hospitals located in this nursing home), the most convenient traffic Rongcheng (high-speed south, the north is the gateway to Tianjin and Baoding high-speed rail), Xiong County the best infrastructure, the best way width。Currently three counties have frozen all real estate transfer (March 31 to the Housing Authority findings obtained), locals, foreigners can not buy a house。You can focus on investment opportunities around Bazhou, Baoding and other cities。Benefit subject: Beijing-Hankou shares, China Fortune。