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Click to view the two sessions this year, "artificial intelligence" the word first appeared in the government work report made by the Prime Minister's。Although only appears once, but the industry triggered a heated debate, and set off a stir in the capital market。This year, the artificial intelligence sector as a whole rose 4.28% stocks and other outstanding ,,,。  "The next five years to 10 years, artificial intelligence will be as ubiquitous as water and electricity, can enter into almost all sectors of education, health care, finance, transportation, and other smart city, a new 'artificial intelligence +' era is coming!"National People's Congress, IFLYTEK chairman Liu Qingfeng, said he brought five recommendations this year, focusing accelerate the forefront of technology and social hot spot layout 'AI +' national strategies, artificial intelligence and medical care, education, wisdom。  For the current popular artificial intelligence, the famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking is grave concern, before sounding again warning the world: artificial intelligence could destroy the world。  60 parts of artificial intelligence research report optimistic about the frequent movement against artificial intelligence sector, including Minsheng Securities, Great Wall Securities, etc., 60 parts of 30 brokerages released research report that the AI industry optimistic about future opportunities。Among them, China and Thailand Securities, said recently, two sessions to stimulate artificial intelligence presented a strong theme of opportunity, driving short-term money market AI still prevail, the fundamentals of good blue chip stocks, the market value of the subject of the smaller will be more prominent in the stock price elasticity。AI Code Short thematic funds for nearly a year fee revenue operations 05,001,433.71% 1.50% 0.15% 51,973,230.62% 1.50% 0.15% 36,001,628.1 26%.50% 0.15% 00,061,928.1 17%.50% 0.60% 00,111,225.1 95%.50% 0.60% Source: Galaxy Securities, as of the date: March 15, 2017 Minsheng Securities analysis, artificial intelligence, "deep learning" and "deep neural networks" topic of domestic academic level is also rising, the voice recognition and image recognition, deep learning technology has been effectively used, which is also the advantage of artificial intelligence field。With artificial intelligence was included in the government work report, the future development of artificial intelligence will be further strong support, proposes a focus on companies with proven technical solutions in specific areas, it is strongly recommended IFLYTEK ,,,。  Great Wall Securities, said, according to iResearch predicts that by 2020 China Artificial Intelligence market will reach 9.1 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate will exceed 50%, extremely broad development prospects。"AI" after writing the country's government work report, in the future, all levels of government will increase support for Artificial Intelligence。Investors are advised to focus on the perceived marginal costs are significantly decreasing direction, the field of AI and cognitive, logical thinking and other recent technological breakthrough is expected in the A shares of the underlying financial 🙁 + AI), think of the medical benefits (AI + medical), ) (AI + security, driving), (AI + GPU).  We recommended to choose a share related to the subject from two perspectives: 1, data capacity; 2, application capabilities。Key recommendation: "Artificial Intelligence + Security": LONDON force; "Artificial Intelligence + Finance": Flush, "AI + Health": think of a health benefit; "Artificial Intelligence + big data": Attention: IFLYTEK ,, Hanwang Technology。  AI potential subject of full resolution 1, IFLYTEK: "iFly super brain" cognitive intelligence into the high ground, hearing fly open platform is the first open global intelligence interactive technology service platform, to build a one-stop smart developers human-Computer interaction solutions。  2, Hanwang Technology: face recognition, reading and writing recognition leader in the field。  3 ,: there Turing developed to provide low integration, access and use of the threshold robot brain cloud services to third parties, so that third-party products quickly with intelligent interactive features。  4: subsidiary quiet linking technology developed artificial intelligence robot to grasp first be engineered world。  5, HKUST intelligence: handling robots, welding robots。  6, both good science and technology: its cloud technology from face recognition technology has been applied in the financial sector。  7 ,: and signed a strategic cooperation, integration of resources, high-precision depth map layout, unmanned prototype has now the subject of pure。  8: Robot: Company industrial robot technology has reached the international advanced level。Robot cell products have entered the main application industries of automobile industrial robots, spare parts, etc.。  Artificial intelligence will give rise to the first trillion dollar millionaire?  US leading technology entrepreneurs, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark – Mark Cuban said the world's first trillion dollar millionaires will be born in artificial intelligence (AI) field。  Kuban on an event in Austin, Texas, said: "I'll tell you, the world's first trillionaire will be a proficient AI and all its derivatives, and we never thought to the way people use them。"He said the unprecedented speed of computer processors and exponentially expanding data sets are creating opportunities for the application of artificial intelligence and other new industries。  Cuban said he learned from Google insiders there, the company recently started using artificial intelligence, and therefore an increase of $ 9 billion in revenue。"No matter what you are learning now, if you do not keep up speed in deep learning, neural networks, then you're bound to lose。"" We are going through this process: software automation software, automation automation automation。"Hawking warned the world: artificial intelligence could destroy the world Hawking is undoubtedly one of the greatest figures of contemporary society, so when he shared his thoughts on some of the world when a lot of people will listen carefully。Recently, he has been talking about a topic: the future of mankind。  Recently, Hawking from extraterrestrial life to artificial intelligence (AI) and some other hot topics express their views。For the latter, he expressed great concern。He did not oppose the development of artificial intelligence techniques, in fact, he once said that artificial intelligence could be the history of our civilization, the most important events。But like many of the world today, other scientists and thinkers, Hawking worried about the rise of artificial intelligence may bring a variety of negative side effects。  He has warned us on the impact of artificial intelligence on middle class jobs, and Tesla CEO Andy Herron Musk together, called for a ban of artificial intelligence robot developed for military use。He also worried that artificial intelligence could take over the world, or even worse is that it will terminate this world。Now, he said in an interview with foreign media, the rise of artificial intelligence, the best way of defense is set up to control this technology, "some form of world government."。  Senior speech stock market outlook Nuggets sweep the opportunity to get more public attention No.