Kidney man how to do?Six kinds of Bushen good effect (1)

  Men because great pressure of work, do not pay attention to their own health, over time it may lead to the occurrence of kidney, and will give our bodies to bring large damage occurs after kidney, then the man wants to eat what medicine kidney impotence Compare good?Here we take a look at it!  1 kidney medicine, wolfberry "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "wolfberry, Bushenshengjing, Liver, eyesight, strong fine bone to fatigue, easy to color, white, eyes and nerves, is longevity。
"Chinese often use it to treat liver and kidney yin, paint waist and knees, dizziness, forgetfulness, dizziness, dizziness and more tears, diabetes, nocturnal emission and other diseases。
"Ben Cao Jing Shu" said: "wolfberry, Run and nourishing, specializing in kidney, lungs, Sheng Jin, Qi, liver and kidney yin deficiency true, Laofa heat to the drug benefit。"Method of eating wolfberry more, different approaches have different effects, we must pay more attention, soaked in water or soup with medlar, the efficacy of which can not be fully realized。Influenced by temperature, immersion time and other factors, only some medlar pharmaceutical ingredient can be released into the water or soup。Direct mouth to chew, the absorption of nutrients in wolfberry will be more fully, more conducive to play wolfberry health effects。But chewing wolfberry midnight to note that the best half the number of eating, or easily over-nourishing。
Eat wolfberry is the most suitable physical weakness, poor resistance。  2, antler velvet Chinese medicine is the kidney, essence and blood, strong bones of the best。For kidney deficiency, fine blood deficiency of impotence and premature ejaculation have a good effect。In addition, women appear cold uterus infertility, when symptoms such as frequent urination can also be eaten in moderation。If a cold appear, cough, vomiting yellow sputum, dry mouth, mouth pain, sore throat when the product Jifu, greasy yellow tongue coating and other symptoms。
  Antler kidney effect is very good important, in addition to sparkling wine, velvet and can also be taken with food stew or eaten directly。
If you want to make velvet achieve Bushenjiangu, it is best to take 1?2 velvet directly into the mouth, so saliva to make it melt slowly, slowly swallow the saliva dissolved velvet, and then I finally residue chew swallow。
This will not only than the powdered devour much more convenient, and the absorption of the active ingredient is also higher。  3, Gorgon Gorgon known as "water ginseng", Chinese medicine, Gorgon Gujing kidney, spleen and stop diarrhea, to nourish strong food, lotus seeds and somewhat similar, but the convergence of sedation Gorgon stronger than lotus seeds for chronic vent diarrhea and frequent urination, nocturnal emissions Hua Jing, women with multiple, weak arthralgia, etc.。Folk called it a "Baby food is not the old, the elderly eat sickness" share and preferred especially summer and fall tonic。
  Gorgon can astringent refined kidney, the effect is very good, and with meristematic Gorgon fried in two。Health Gorgon astringent mainly fine to kidney, and spleen appetizer based fried Gorgon。
Fried Gorgon general pharmacy sale, because when frying, to Jiamai bran, and acquire a certain level of attainment, home-made convenient。In addition, the Gorgon Chaojiao also used, mainly in the spleen and stop diarrhea mainly。  4, Ligustrum lucidum Ligustrum sweet, bitter, flat。
Have kidney yin, Liver eyesight effect。
Commonly used in liver and kidney deficiency, dizziness, ringing in the ears, two eyes faint paste, early white hair embolism。In China, since ancient times is the most commonly used refreshing, strong physical medicine。
Says "The Classic": Ligustrum lucidum can be up in the air, five organs, the raising of the spirit, in addition to all diseases, Jiufu wine, can enhance physical fitness, long muscles, strong bones and other effects。Japanese studies have shown that there is indeed Ligustrum lucidum to prevent aging, the effect of strong bones and muscles, calm nerves。
Ligustrum lucidum cold side to the steaming rice wine mixed, can enhance the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, and bitter cold weakened, avoiding Hua Chang。
  5, dodder dodder, as bindweed plant dodder seed。
There are "absolutely continuous injury, lack of make up, Yi-people" in power。"Doctors do not record" which claims there is "keep muscles strong overcast, strong bones" role。
Is Bushenyijing strong strong lumbar spine, Liver eyesight holy medicine, having a warm but not dry, complement rather than stagnation features。Can be used for waist and knee pain, impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, enuresis, frequent urination Lek, tinnitus, dizziness, vertigo, vision loss, threatened abortion, vaginal discharge embolism。
  Dodder tea with kidney essence, nourishing eyesight and other effects。
Long-term use can improve eyesight, light-weight, longevity, and to treat male and female infertility kidney。Dodder 10 grams, washed mashed, add brown sugar, boiling water behalf of the tea。
  6, epimedium Epimedium, also known as Faerie card, has the role of kidney yang。
Pharmacological studies have shown that the role of Epimedium "bone" significant, it can promote the DNA synthesis in bone marrow cells, promote bone growth, increasing bone density。Note that if often dry mouth, red, hot flashes and other symptoms wang who Jifu this product。  Epimedium can be made into wine。Epimedium 60 grams, 500 grams of liquor。
The Epimedium wash, drain, into gauze bags, tie the bag, opposed liquor, drinking sealing soaked 7 days, 30-50 ml each, one every night。Can benefit liver and kidney, strong bones and muscles, apply to both yin deficiency, Vital Huoshuai men impotence caused, women infertility, limbs and other inhumane。  1 kidney yang foods, a lot of watermelon watermelon has citrulline and "Viagra" similar pharmacological effects。
Eat watermelon benefit for men, but a bad stomach of male friends will control it because watermelon is cold food, eat more stomach would have been affected。  2, oysters plump oysters are best known aphrodisiac foods, Western men more convinced of the aphrodisiac effect of oysters。
Slippery oysters bring subtle taste, which contains high concentrations of zinc components, has been shown to synthetic male hormone testosterone extremely helpful, the more men eat more worthy of the name。
A small oyster is almost a full day to meet the man zinc, and raw is the best way to retain zinc in oysters。Other seafood, such as lobster, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, shellfish, seaweed and so good。  3, asparagus many foods are labeled "aphrodisiac" in the world, because they "shape", asparagus is a very obvious example。But modern studies have shown that it is not only similar appearance, nutritional content is quite good。Asparagus is rich in vitamin E, can promote the secretion of sex hormones, plays a vital role in sexual health。However, asparagus is a chronic "drug", we need long-term consumption effects became apparent。  , Red pepper research display shown in FIG. 4, pepper contained "capsaicin" can stimulate nerve endings in the body, the heart rate, high lust。In addition, some experts believe, especially eating spicy foods can promote the secretion of "endorphins", this substance produced by the brain, can make people feel happy and energetic, thus contributing to the creation of "sex" blessing of life。  5, incite passion fruit apple mentioned, those who know Adam, Eve, people will think of Apple。Since Adam and Eve, the apple has been synonymous with temptation equivalent to。Apple red pigment by plenty of sunlight formation, secretion of sex hormones can make more vigorous, so that men are more masculine, so that women become more feminine。  6, honey, honey contains gonadal endocrine factors, it can have significant biological activity of the active gonad。
Moreover, the bee sugar easily absorbed by the blood, is very useful for the formation of sperm。In the royal jelly containing aspartate this "help" of material, to promote growth, improve sexual function, stimulation of reproductive capacity, while enhancing the body resistance, promote metabolism and improving the hematopoietic function。