The cost of European counter-terrorism: the closed border sacrificing economic | Euro | European Integration | European anti-terrorism

  Sina stocks after Beijing 19 hearing in Paris terrorist attacks, European countries have responded blocked for security reasons and resumed control of the border has been open for many years, market observers issued a document that the European countries which will have economic, euro, as well as the European integration process have a profound impact, but much of it is negative: since the Cold War ended a generation has passed since the time, whether France or the European Union, not in their safety have long been a priority list of topics。
They value the economic and social policy。 But now, they are forced to once again street of the Pacific in the first place。   Of course, we can not blame the terrorist attacks that people are free to arrange cross-border European countries。
However, we know exactly, at least part of the terrorists this summer with a lot of immigrants came to Europe with the Middle East。
There are, it is easy to cross the border between France and Belgium。 At this very moment, perhaps some of the terrorists crossed the border in some European countries。   After the terrorist attacks, France closed its borders, an attempt to ensure safety。 Silent, the other countries have adopted the same policy。
Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Austria are temporary strengthening of border controls, to cope with the influx of refugees。
These controls will be lifted in the future it?From at least right now look at the short term is not a。
  Extremist politician Le Pen has called for a reopening of border controls, and other politicians at this juncture probably will not play it dissidents。