Anti-fall "dry gas" Mulberry treat high blood pressure foot plus Celery

Anti-fall dry air, mulberry treat high blood pressure foot plus celery, autumn is the turn of the cooler heat, by the nature yang catharsis convergence trend, Yin Yang body also will rise and fall of the gas conversion。 And older people, factors body weakness, organs function decline, Yu evil force is reduced, more vulnerable to dry evil invasion born Zhu Zheng。 Is the integration of medical treatment and health care therapy, traditional Chinese medicine is based on organs, meridian theory as the basis, the principle of diagnosis and treatment, drug infusion soak feet and legs, through the meridians to adjust the yin and yang qi shu play a role, while warming effect on the chemical feet have positive stimulus meridians。 Percutaneous absorption by increasing the blood concentration, and the meridian Smell, may function adjusting blood, lower blood pressure。
The ancients also believed that spring feet, Sun fixed off; summer feet wet evil is the addition; fall feet, heart Yun Yu; winter feet, pubic region warm。 Anti-fall dry air plus Celery foot treat high blood pressure mulberry leaves, each mulberry 30G, celery 50 g。 [Effect]: Liver Buck。
This applies to all types of patients with hypertension。
[Raw material]: mulberry, mulberry respective 30G, celery 50 g。
[Usage]: the drug plus the above 4000 ml boiling water extract solution, dip first smoked hind foot, once a day, 2 times a day attack, an available 2?3, 10 days a course of treatment。 [Effect]: Liver Buck。
This applies to all types of patients with hypertension。