The Hawks hit the ground running three 20 + 27 points assassin small green army insurance comeback

  Ticker on April 17, NBA playoffs open play, the Hawks a 102-101 victory over the Celtics at home。
  Hawks a 1-0 lead, keeping home-court advantage。 Three on 20 points, Al – Al Horford scored 24 points and 12 rebounds, Jeff – Teague 23 points and 12 assists, Kent – Baze Moore 23 points and eight rebounds, Paul – Paul Millsap 14 points 7 rebounds, Kyle – Overall Korver 10 shots 1, only 2 9 rebounds。 Off the bench – Mike Scott 14 points。
  Celtic comeback failed, Avery – Bradley leave because of injury in the second half, scored 18 points。
"Little Assassin" Isiah – Thomas 27 points and eight assists, Jai – Claude 14 points and 10 rebounds。 Marcus off the bench – Smart had 15 points, Evan – Turner 10 points。   The two teams met in the playoffs 11 times in history, the Celtics win 10 times。 Most recently in 2012 in the first round, the two sides fight to the sixth, the Celtics 4-2 to qualify。 2008 Celtic win of the season, also eliminated the Eagles in the first round 4-3。
  Four years later, the two sides once again territories, the Celtics have undergone reconstruction, the Eagles lineup is not quite the same。
  An opening Hawks shot a wave of 9-2, while the Celtics played three minutes after the first hit a ball。
After finally chasing the score 8-11, followed by nearly four minutes, only to hit a ball, the Eagles play 12-5 to 23-13 double-digit advantage。 Celtic feel bad, hitting only the first section%, of which three-point shooting only%。 Most of the time the Celtics selected long jumpers, although Thomas a few times to break through, but the lack of offensive。 This section Hawks shooting there% to 30-19 lead。   Section II going on for nearly three minutes, elbowing Scott Smart, eat foul。
Smart the throws a ball, missed a layup after Bradley。
Celtic hit rate has not seen improvement, gradually widening the gap between the two sides。
When more seconds in this section, Baze Moore hit third, leading the Hawks to 51-32。
This section last 4 minutes and 33 seconds, only a ball cast Boston, behind the first half to 34-51。
Celtic half shooting only 20%, 2 three-pointers 16 shots。   The second half, the Celtics suddenly back feel, shortly after the start of the third quarter, Thomas hit three-pointers, and also assists his teammates, after they played 11-3, only to fall behind 45-54。
Celtic began outside force, when there are seconds in this section, Bradley hit the third, they only 65-70 behind。
Teague hit the last ball of this section, the Hawks to 7-point advantage into the final section。   Celtic tenacious counterattack, frequently hit third, more than half in the fourth quarter, Thomas succeeded long shot, they lead to 86-84。 However, only 24 seconds ahead, Baze Moore and Teague have break layup, the Hawks lead again。 Thomas outside the foul, but unfortunately only 3 penalty 2, the two sides battle 88-88。
Hawks scored four points, to stay ahead。   In 4 minutes and 50 seconds, the Celtics failed to hit a ball。
Competition also 1 minute 02 seconds, Smart steals succeeded, the Celtics fast break, Turner layup, but Smart grabbed offensive rebounds, tipped succeeded, chasing the score Celtics to 93-96。
  Hawks key to launch the attack, but failed to hit the three-point line stepping Korver。
The Celtics have a chance to tie, Turner not in the third, they are too early foul, hit two free throws after the Hawks, Horford has sent a big hat。
Competition also seconds, leading the Hawks to 99-93。
  Competition also seconds, Claude hit the third, chasing the score 98-100。
After the Eagles hit two free throws, the Celtics have been no pause, Thomas rapid attack from the back, long shot hit the third, chasing the score 101-102, but only seconds from the end of the game。
  Although the Eagles when the ball was intercepted, but the time is over, the Celtics have no chance to comeback。