Middle-aged common psychological problems, how to ease?

  Middle-aged people go through hard temper, "At thirty, begins at forty, fifty I knew the mandate of heaven," the process of。
Middle-aged man in a psychologically mature period, but shoulder carrying forward the task of social。 But the long-term sustainability of high-intensity pressure stress, physical and mental fatigue will make it。 If you do not receive timely adjustments, over time, not only to show psychological symptoms, physical symptoms, there will be behavioral symptoms, such as life without the law, lonely depression, anxiety, dizziness, blurred vision, chest tightness, palpitation, insomnia, constantly smoking, excessive drinking, psychological problems and even lead to depression and other mental disorders, which in turn lead to physical illness。   Middle-aged crowd problems suspicious cerebrovascular disease, prostatitis, cervical disease, liver and gallbladder disease has become a middle-aged body a few "time bomb"。
Therefore, middle-aged people do their mental health is extremely important。   A middle-aged common psychological problems, mental fatigue mental fatigue is overuse at work, during the mental ability to make it function to reduce the phenomenon is caused by long-term mental overload。 Its performance is generally always be in a state of thinking, reflecting anxiety, boredom, fear, depression and other emotions。 Often the following performance: 1, woke up in the morning, so weak, heavy limbs, bad mood, do not want to talk to someone。
  2, study and work are cheesed off, work erroneous, low efficiency。   3, easy emotional, nervous, a little goes wrong it without anger。
  4, eye fatigue, general discomfort, dizziness, headache, heavy head, back symptoms acid。   5, sleepy, but lying in bed and can not sleep。
  6, anorexia, picky eaters, tastes change fast。   Second, some middle-aged male menopause neurosis neurological dysfunction caused by physical and mental disorders, which we call menopause symptoms such as insomnia, dizziness, headache, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, mood swings, irritability, irritability, anxiety, accompanied by palpitations, hot flashes, sweating and other symptoms of autonomic function。 The main reason is the body's aging, testicular dysfunction, male hormone secretion and reduction caused。   Third, some middle-aged man suspected susceptible individuals or families pay special attention to safety and health, worry too much about the disease, the normal physical signs of recession as apocalyptic, the body feels very sensitive, a little discomfort had suspected some kind of incurable disease for this worried。
In particular, hear or see their peers seriously ill or died, his body always in touch with the status quo。 These are the invisible psychological pressure, weakens the body's resistance to disease, but opened the door to a variety of diseases。
  Fourth, to promote the contents of this screen morbid nostalgia nostalgic beyond reproach, but blindly nostalgic wallow in the past is sick of。 Some of the elderly showed a stubborn stubborn, stubborn in their own certain stereotypes, believes his past experience, negating the objective external conditions change, refused to adopt different views。 Evade reality, all day, reveling in their own experience of nostalgia and nostalgia and behavior, as long as the past of social background, living environment, culture and the arts are good, could not understand all the new things in front of society, bent on its own way, thinking and behavior can not be synchronized with the times。
However, his heart there is always a sense of loneliness, a sense of abandonment, a sense of loss, often in a depressed state。
  Five men on their own physical decline, decreased sexual concerns than women is much stronger "sex" to the middle-aged, middle-aged men still want their part to maintain the state as in adolescence。 Such unrealistic expectations of middle-aged men to make some serious psychological pressure, when the pressure builds up to a certain extent it may cause sexual dysfunction。
Imagine, a regular at the anxiety in men, it is difficult to have a good state。