Best not to meet, so can not fall in love。

You are my red syrup, he was just a cup of black coffee。You will ask me tired, I can not let him sleep.Love and pain, will be lost to the years. – Article: fences sparsely knew this encounter, but the season is tempting, but deep this fall。End quietly at his palm, roads lines is not complicated, but I can not speculate on the fate of the trend。Water of life, after Ping scattered, as if even falling, all dark hidden with compassion, gratitude parting has become a kind of fleeting。Only in this way, through the years, they are not to leave the next blank。In the process of life, and did not seek fired off letters, calligraphy scattered, spread out as long as a roll of plain paper, quietly wrote a tie clear words: life, love, love affair has nothing to do。    When the farewell, likes to say, forget themselves in rivers and lakes, each well。In fact, forget themselves that after turn, turn, from the vast sea of humanity, then how easy it is to meet again。We are all a vast dust of the earth, where they came from, where we should go back。Just wait till that day, once the wrong committed, can also make up?Fate once missed, whether also can be repeated?Once the promise, whether there are opportunities to honor?    This world is so unfair, that is, at first sight in love with love, and love at first sight is not on, do not like to see one hundred on。But some people want to try to love a love Can love to know, some people do not want to try to love to know if it is possible not to love。There is a love that, even love, but expression is not perfect。There is a love, knowing that to give up, but not willing to leave。There is a love, knowing that suffering, but Duo can not afford。There is a love, knowing that without the road, the heart has long been retrieved。    When love to deep, always inevitably ask:“Why should I meet you。”Yes ah, if not met, I also just an ordinary dust, busy every day for life, lost in the vast sea。Because of the encounter, everything began to change, with the responsibility and role, with the joy and pain。So sometimes would rather not meet, life would rather not shake hands, but life if not met, they will be how dull。    Love is just the same thoughts will run out, but unfortunately to be separated, first I would like to wish you a very bitter, can not wait to flew around you, you'll never be apart now。Then later, I'm not like you, do not love you, but this is no way back miss。I think no matter how you, or not see you can not touch you, just to torture myself with thoughts。So I know I have to learn to live their lives。    Human life is always destined to miss karma, and you hand in hand accompanied by the people, maybe not your cup of tea you want, but you still stronger endured bitter drink。So tired of each other, not who is at fault, blame fate get people, creating so many crazy man Maid, not as people would like to do。    Fleeting, always put me into the sad drama text。I know the heart, I have a knot in my feelingly lock, lock my Acacia constantly York into a Sikou, then untied。I always thought able to disguise themselves Debu leaving a trace, I always thought that as long as not to alarm you, do not touch those dream-like complex fragments, it will put you in the heart of the most hidden corners good collection。Better to forget themselves, some people, some things in this life are doomed to dusty memory。Blossom, origin edge off。In the end, nothing more。    Encounter a person, just a moment, fell in love with a person, often a lifetime。Meet by chance is not a fault, it is not perfect forever。In the doomed fate of karma, we are really no other way。Often thought to be a clear and bright and clean woman, doing a kind of compassionate woman, contented to live, do not expect much love, how much blame does not also give birth。Whether splendor or hard, whether happy or sad, should be treated equally。So far, we can not really tell, flower and water, in the end who is love, who has no intention。Or maybe there is no affection is said, but an occasional mortal world, and once respectively, two traceless。    If I leave, will no period。I do not know why, every time I think of this sentence, desolate and hearts of inexplicable sorrow and grief。Person's life, to go through a lot of life to death, those sudden departure, tend to hurt people by surprise。Life does not meet, but some turned around, life really is, no period since then, never meet。    But once they know each other meet, meet Ru missing。Andhra decisive phase with the king, free to teach life and death for Acacia。Best not to meet, so can not fall in love。    Fences sparsely QQ: 766314719。[Murdoch] [fireworks unbearable cut all the way terraced rice paddies, a published anthology falling], [anthology need to buy a friend, please contact my QQ]