"Roundtable sent three" live version verse frequent Dou Wentao interesting chat "Three Views"

  In addition to live chat with fans "Three Views" Sharing dry outside, guests are also on-site fans answering questions。 For fans confused face of love, Leslie pointed out: "I remember a saying that goes 'When love comes, who also do not be afraid', if a love can make you indecisive, and looked around, probably not true love。
"Youku pan-cultural matrix broad absorption young users' round table sent three" watercress straight soared points since the "round table sent 3" since the launch, a roundtable powder are not favorable for the fall program。
"Man set", "limit", "slag male" as the theme of "social trilogy" the world's best content, Song Jiang case, slag male, early childhood education and other hot events sharply。
"Buddha line", "mother", "nostalgia" and is closely related to the current hot topic, Han, Lu Yu, Jiang Wenli is a series of their own experiences, verse frequently。
In the updated program on Friday, the famous economist Chen Zhiwu and Dou Wentao, Liang Tao, Zhou Yijun chatted about the "support" of the topic。 Faced with this social problem, the guests were common interpretation of the Chinese system of raising children for old age, analyzed the nursing home for old age and old age home, and so different, but also shared a new breed of "raising children for old age" concept。
  Youku as the "pan-cultural" content matrix important one, since 2016 "round table faction" launch, with high-quality content, word of mouth all the way to program a steady increase in the first quarter of watercress score in the second quarter, the third quarter has now directly soared to points。 All along, Youku continuous efforts in flood field of culture, bringing together Chinese cultural content and content most of the head, with young people like fashion, to create "high but not cold," the Cultural Arts。
Based on the fine cultural type of program to control the experience and watch attaches great importance to the demand for high-end crowd, Youku also for user-portrait "pan-cultural" program of the young elite, joint brand customization cultural content, the brand core and program the Spirit resonance。
  With the hit show, "sent three round table" will continue to enlarge the "chat" feature properties that help to solve the bottleneck of young people living in the workplace and even among experienced life。
It is reported that the upcoming March 20 on a new line, an old friend invited to the roundtable school Lixiao Mu, Xu Zidong, Zhou Yijun common talk "AQ", to explore those things in the face of adversity。 By then the guests who in turn broke the point of view of how to impress you?Every Tuesday, Friday Youku time updates, stay tuned!。