Activation of 35 million Euro liquidated damages!Barcelona exposure to finalize the new aid will be signed for 5 years

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" BORDER- top: 1px solid #ddd; ">According to "Daily Sports Daily" news, Barcelona have agreed to activate Langley, Vosges contract among the liquidated damages clause, the Seville defender will officially join on July 1 the same day Barcelona。 "The daily sports newspaper" revealed that Barcelona and Sevilla in Wednesday reached agreement, both sides want to avoid this transfer of renewable heresy in the remaining ten days。While Barcelona has reached an agreement with Langley, Vosges individual treatment issues, Langley, Vosges has told close friends that he will wear red and blue shirt next season。It is reported that this transfer of the final transaction price will be around 35 million euros, Langley, Vosges and Barcelona will sign a five-year contract。Since Mina never been able to integrate into the Barcelona tactical system, while Vermaelen has been plagued by injuries, so the red and blue army very high value transfer this sum。"Daily Sport newspaper," said the analysis, Langley, Vosges order of appearance will be at the back of Umm al-Titi and Pique, but the media also pointed out that Barcelona will be in the next transfer period in a sign field and a striker。