"Asian investment bank charter" came out of billions of dollars authorized capital

Represents the end of a three-day closed-door meeting, AIIB 57 22 founding members of intent issued a statement in Singapore, said the parties have agreed on the "Articles of Association of Asian investment bank," a text, to be held in Beijing by the end of June this year, "Asia investment bank charter "signing ceremony。  When the President of Asian investment bank to build a permanent negotiators meeting, after Chinese Vice Finance Minister Shi Yaobin will be a media reporter, he said Asian investment bank will be billions of dollars in statutory capital subscribed by the founding members of intent。  Shi Yaobin say, a founding member of the domain by GDP (gross domestic product) in the proportion of the region subscribed to extraterritorial national GDP is also an important reference to the subscribed。Domestic approval, however, the data currently provided by States are still intent on ultimately remains to be the intention of the founding members。  What currency settlement settlement currency AIIB of concern Asian investment bank use is also of concern。Previously, in addition to media speculation that choose to use a single currency such as the dollar or the yuan, Asian investment bank may adopt a basket of "Asian investment bank currency" as the settlement currency。  Professor of economics at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore anti-Chen said that the loan or purchase related to the yuan fully available in RMB and RMB settlement in the region has taken shape, and Asian investment bank adopted a basket of Asian currencies in the currency helps to increase the proportion of the settlement of international investment, and slowly reduce dependence on the dollar。  Japan plans to affect billions of dollars AIIB searched way out of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has also set his sights on Asian infrastructure。According to media reports, Abe announced on February 21 the Asian infrastructure investment plan will be about $ 110 billion in the next five years。Japanese media commented, Japan hopes to use the plan to improve the sense of presence, and initiated the establishment of China and Asia investment bank launched the initiative in battle。In this regard, experts said, mainly in Japan at this time to make the investment or the "remedial" meaning in it, but also to Japan's participation in Asian economic cooperation provides a larger platform, but the Japanese move not prevent the development of Asian investment bank。  "Japan is now seeing infrastructure in Asia this cake is so big, they lose the opportunity to Jia Ruya investment bank, is certainly first and foremost want to remedy the situation, to make up for poor decisions。"China Institute of Contemporary International Relations Institute of World Economy Chen Fengying told reporters that, in fact, the Asian market is so big, there is of course the Japanese competition meaning in it, but more still seeing this market attracts itself force。And not just them, including the Bank, wants to come in a share。  Chen Fengying analysts said, "For us or sub-investment banks, not too concerned about it (Japan) targeted。Asia's economic pie bigger and bigger, infrastructure construction to the stage of a blowout, the market itself is not exclusive。Japan or ADB added, can also give Asian economies to create more financing platform, reduce financing costs for the countries in need。"" Asian investment bank charter "landmark experts interviewed generally positive, landmark through the" Asian investment bank charter. "。  Charter is so important, because directly determines the efficiency of future AIIB。Anti-Chen believes that the articles of association of the most important decision-making system is established Asian investment banks, equity allocation and loan system。Fellow East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore Chen Gang believes that these three countries directly affect the future of investment banking in Asia voice and decision-making, decision-making for future operations and program implementation has played an institutional guarantee。  Make improvements for the implementation of "lean, clean and green," the core concept of Asian investment bank multilateral interim Secretary General Secretariat of Jin Liqun said the Asian investment bank to innovation, that is, drawing on good practice and experience of existing multilateral development institutions on the basis of。  Anti-Chen believes that some policy directions Asian investment bank currently has revealed reflect the "lean" concept。According to Bloomberg News, a member of the board of directors of each founding members of intent on behalf of Asian investment bank will not be stationed in the Asian investment banking headquarters, Chen believes this reflects the anti-Asian investment bank tries to make decisions flatten, reduce bureaucratic interference。  Singapore Management University Law School professor believes ultra-high trees, mostly due to bureaucratic inertia, and ten years will not have much problem at the start of operation of the new body。To avoid future problems, he suggested that Asian investment bank, the loan approval conditions can regularly assess and make timely modifications。  Although Asian investment bank has not yet officially opened, but the concern is to create AIIB has brought benefits to the essence of waves in Asia。  Asian investment bank and the ADB and the World Bank turned positive interaction Asian Development Bank announced on April 2, we will increase investment in infrastructure in Asia, to increase annual lending and grant loans to total $ 20 billion, higher than the current level of 50%。20th of this month, the World Bank [microblogging] President Jim Yong Kim also announced that Indonesia would provide $ 11 billion in loans over the next three to four years to help the country's infrastructure construction。  These more or less introduced in the Asian investment bank to "activate" effect initiatives will actually benefit the development in Asia, and Asian investment banks are also willing to cooperate with existing multilateral financial institutions。  Jin Liqun has repeatedly said China advocated the establishment of Asian investment bank, designed to meet the huge financing needs of infrastructure in Asia as much as possible, and this demand as high as $ trillion, if the Asian investment bank that together with the ADB, the World Bank, will play leverage, to attract more investment in Asia。  In fact, the Asian investment bank benign interaction with the ADB and the World Bank has begun。World Bank and IMF [microblogging] have said, look forward to cooperation with the Asian investment bank, ADB President Takehiko Nakao also expressed early, ready to work with Asian investment bank financing cooperation。  Asian investment bank China holding 40% or ultra-Speaking Peoples focus of Asian investment bank stake countries still have not seen appearances tempt the appetite of all walks of life。In each version, "China or holding over 40%," the argument seems to be close to the official answer。  "Equity China in Asian investment bank, although over 40%, but we have no intention to veto the so-called status。"Former Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, WTO [microblogging] chief negotiator Long said in attending the 'Global Finance Forum 2015 Wudaokou Tsinghua'。Although the Chinese Ministry of Finance has not been announced, but 40% of the shares may have been closer to the truth。  "After the end of the Asian investment bank to build on Fifth negotiators meeting in Singapore," Asian investment bank charter negotiations, "the text, foreign media reported that China will hold 25%?30% of Asian investment banking shares, while Long claimed that Chinese shares will exceed 40%。Whether China occupied in the share of Asian investment bank specifically why this has been less important, the most important is that this reflects China will ensure the leading role of leading investment banks in Asia。Dr. Research Assistant "BRICS Research Center of Fudan University, Fudan University, hosted by Wang Lei in 'Shanghai Forum 2015' is on。  (Comprehensive Economic Information Daily, China Economic Net, First Financial Daily, etc.)