Trial and error block chain game is really a good business it?

Internet technology recent focus ring is divided into two types, one is the block chain, the other is in other industries。
The block chain concepts are not just produce, but began to trigger large-scale concern in the near future。
After 3 o'clock in the micro-channel group suddenly hot, this principle sophisticated technology instantly deified chiefs in various industries, like car bound for a better future block chain carts are moving rapidly toward us, on the train and not on the car, that is the question。 A short time, the technology has not yet been applied to a wide range of, all in the industry have increased investment in the field of various scenes, and even some cities have begun to foster industrial chain block, afraid to miss this outlet。 Scene field block chain technology can be applied can be said to be more abundant, including the supply chain, digital asset trading and games。
Based on the current online articles and more parsing we have to analyze the block chain in which a specific scenario today around the block chain principle and judge its value, that game industry。
The influx of capital caused many people gamble, but the game implies block chain block chain risk although the current large-scale application has not yet really started to go to the actual scene, but its application has been in the game prototype previews。 We can analyze Block Chaining game cases on the market, look at these games now features block chain performance。 The block chain famous game "CryptoKitties" was born in the etheric Square, this game virtual pet cat is generated by the block chain technology, every 15 minutes, the official will release a new pet cat, after purchasing the player can also be paired with other cats, generate a new pet cat, the cat can be a new generation of publicly traded。
Each cat has a unique genetic code, it also means that the more unique pet cat gene is often more expensive, the price of a pet cat may even reach more than 700,000 yuan。 Turnover of which makes the game attractive sought after by many people, that in November 2017 to fame on the line, sold a total of 280,000 virtual pet cats in just three months, the average price of 69.US $ 47, trading volume rose Cengceng。 But the game's hot, who also once caused congestion Square Ethernet networks, Ethernet Square occupies more than 16% of the trading network traffic, for which the transaction process for no reason is elongated and result in problems such as the case of transactions delayed arrival, transaction costs Therefore rise。
Behind the great benefits they do not always lack some of the faithful who follow the trend。
Following the "CryptoKitties" explosion of red, many domestic and foreign companies will soon launch a similar game。 These games are played with "CryptoKitties" Similarly, transactions are carried out by pets get digital currency, on behalf of the game are "dongle", "Levin times a dog" and so on。 "Dongle" Blue Hong Kong domestic companies by the interactive game studio in cooperation with a US launch, was developed in the public chain A chain。
Its nature and Ethernet Square "CryptoKitties" the same, play the same is a dog, sell dog pet raising cycle。
"Dongle" is also on the line after fame, on-line revenue exceeding $ 5 million less than a week。 However, the high returns Block Chaining game also hidden great risk。 To Ethernet in currency transactions "CryptoKitties" for example, Ethernet digital currency as a currency, it is difficult to predict the ups and downs and even uncontrolled。
This allows players to incoming revenue generated high uncertainty, may also face great risk。 For the players, the incoming block chain game may be more like a gamble, not only pet scarce genes is difficult to develop, its value is difficult to predict the level of。
In this respect, the block chain game more like a pet on behalf of virtual property, is not simply an ordinary game image game。 It can be said, if these pets has nothing to do with the block chain, if linked with interest not bite, I am afraid that no one would want to give away。
The game has a data block chain of commonality, profit attribute to appear the only reason to block incoming chain game, really caused a chain ring and game industry no small commotion。 But there is another confusing place, the current online gaming industry has been thriving situation, besides the head of Tencent and Netease have other giants almost monopolize the situation, why block chain game also received more players sought?It was from contact between the block chain and games。 First, as a chain block includes a distributed data transfer technology, and encryption algorithms, while this technique with consensus mechanism。
These characteristics also determine the applicable scenarios range block chain, which is suitable for application in those associated interact with large amounts of data, and the need to trust mechanism or contractual relationship is constrained industry。 The game just has this characteristic, it has a high degree of feature data, and transactions arising during the game on the same contractual relationship with a high degree of appeal。
This is not difficult to understand the behavior of the players because the game produced in the course of the game is based on data recorded in the form of in-game virtual assets is the existence of the data。
Secondly, as the course of the game will have assets transaction, then the transaction security, transparency and other requirements are also higher。 The main features of the block chain technology is decentralized, this feature can be full protection for gamers transaction process, maximum protection and enhance the security of transactions games。 With security block chain this to the center, players will naturally rest assured involved。
Finally, profit-property block chain game。
As we all know, the game company qualified legal issue virtual currency, virtual currency and issued a multi-linked yuan, which is different from the game company a unique advantage over other Internet companies。
Once you have this advantage, the game is eyeing the block chain is not so unexpected, legitimate channels to catch the game virtual currency, players will be able to naturally attract incoming。 However, to obtain monetary gain from the game is not exclusive block chain of the game, many online games virtual currency can be cashed only pecuniary interest property Block Chaining game contained, stronger than the normal number of these online games more than ten times。 For the short period of time to attract a large number of players concerned, some blocks chain game even advertised himself as "playing playing put the income-generating livelihoods."。
The only reason for this, many players also became an incoming。
But the block chain game money really so easy to earn it?It shortcomings which still exist with the partner game?Block chain game technology is not yet mature, the lack of game entertainment property we analyze from the current level of technology block chain, block chain game to see whether, as the developers say God is so。
A very real problem, not the block chain game idea is not mature enough, but because of the limited nature of the current level of technology, "block chain + game" mature far not reached the landing stage。
As many domestic copy "CryptoKitties" block chain game, although the play is similar, but lacks the support of the underlying system。
Besides, even support "CryptoKitties" Ethernet Square failed to escape the fate of network congestion。 It can also be concluded that the block game with chain block chain, is a force to be ripening market, technology has not really landing was advocating enticing, considerable interest, with a larger Fudge nature。 But it also led to a strange phenomenon, even if the profit of the few people, but in the interests of the face of great temptation, there are still many people follow the trend of incoming final disappointment。 Do not rule out such people holding the mentality incoming gamble, after all, can also accidentally "little rich" a。
Finally we come to talk about the so-called block chain game, in the end have much contact with the game。
Perhaps to the disappointment of many, the name of this game under the guise of "game" is actually not much entertainment properties。 Imagine, as an online game, the basic routine should be to provide non-stop entertainment fun for the players, so players whom stay for longer time。
As the game industry novice block chain game is different, in its current form is clearly unable to provide continuous entertainment fun, play content over a single, so-called lack of gameplay。 With fewer and fewer incoming players, the number of pets are more and more, may eventually become so, and that is the first player to leave the incoming liquidity, then the players continue to wait and see, could end up pet "fall from grace" , the depreciation of the transaction outcome。 It can also be seen from another game block chain such properties, i.e. speculative。
Just think, so a single game content and boring, plus earn less money, stay, it really just to play the game, are not we all hold opportunistic mentality, and "flourishes" dream。 And from this point of view, Block Chaining game with the game even more do not hang uppercut, and it is more like a financial product, deep drawing the players heart。 Under the industry the opportunity to play the next block chain is still a lot of variables in general, because block chain block chain game was born, and its future development will face what the situation will naturally follow the pace of the main chain of the block go。
But one thing is worthy of recognition, since online games exist opacity and security risks on asset transactions, participate block chain can help solve these user pain points, with powerful recording capability block chain, virtual property owned by the player on get the authority technical support。 This is the block chain effect can play, but also for the game industry chain block the opportunities。 Just this opportunity there is great uncertainty about the pace of the right to obtain benefits, the pace of error is easy to make ends meet。 But combined with the previous analysis should also be noted that the combination of block chain and the game is still in the early stage of exploration, many incoming who are also very cautious, to improve these deficiencies, in addition to the need for block chain nature has a mature grasp, but also need to develop a thorough understanding of the game industry pattern, until the time when technology and ideas are mature, that is, the block chain game comes true。 On the whole, the block chain block chain like the game as spawned two common phenomenon in the industry。 Prospects who preached hard it's good, prudent actions were criticized it hard is not good, but the game will eventually block chain situation to what is truly high degree of integration with the game to people's lives bring wealth and happiness, or at the outlet after quietly leave, I believe that this verification process will be relatively long, but whatever the outcome, is the market can give the best answer。