Curry the Warriors with 38 points off wins to get a triple-double match point James Knight 1-3

  Warriors audience hit 17 three-pointers, setting a record finals。
"Spray brothers" scored the highest score of this series, Stephen – Curry was 7 of 13 three-pointers, scored 38 points, Craig – Thompson went 4 9 three-pointers, scored 25 points, Harrison – Pakistan Burns went 4 5 three-pointers, had 14 points and eight rebounds, Bradley Richmond – Green 9 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists。
Bench Andre – Iguodala 10 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists, Shane – 8 minutes Livingston。   Carey – Owen 34 points as the Cavaliers, LeBron – James 25 points, 13 rebounds and nine assists, JR- Smith 10 points, Tristan – Thompson 10 points and seven rebounds。
Kevin – Loew off the bench, scored 11 points and five rebounds。   Previous three games are big score to determine the winner, the Warriors before two home wins and a total of 48 points, setting a NBA record 33 points to win in which G2。 Knight returned home, darling, to victory over 33-point advantage, avoid falling behind 0-3 impasse。
As James said, G4 still life and death, if lost, 1-3 backward into difficulties, in order to comeback extremely difficult。     After the opening, both sides opened fire from outside。 Barnes hit a three-point lead, while Michael Owen and Smith have been outside fired back, leading the Cavaliers to 6-5。 The two sides played inextricably, this section there are 7 minutes 06 seconds, Owen once again third succeeded, beyond the Cavaliers to 13-10, but Thompson also immediately hit the third, which is "spray brothers' first score, the two sides draw。   When the first section there are 5 minutes 03 seconds, Lufkin played, fans in the audience stood up and cheered。
Loew soon meritorious, as the Knights fell to the ground to grab the ball, Owen even scored three points with a fine cast。 Thompson fouls twice in 22 seconds, only the fate of the rest。
James shot in the first time when this section there are 4 minutes and 31 seconds layup, then another layup, and finally succeeded。
Curry hit three for the first time, open the grab mode FMVP。 This section have 1 minute 48 seconds, Curry-thirds vote again, warrior to exceed 27-24。
After the first section, leading the Warriors to 29-28。
  Warriors first section 7 three-pointers made five, Curry and Barnes each had 8 points, Craig – Thompson 5 points。
Knight hit 10 three-pointers, Owen hit two 3 a person, scored 9 points, Tristan – Thompson 8 points, 5 rebounds, James, 2 points。
  Warriors coach Cole employing ghost unpredictable, he comes in the first section of the seldom-used McAdoo, II still let him in the field, and Speights and useless Yize Li et al.。
  Knight hit rate has declined, Section played nearly five minutes to score only twice warfare, but still leading 34-33。 This section and 7 minutes 02 seconds, another third succeeded Curry, the Warriors lead four minutes。
Knight basket still prevail, then gradually go-ahead。 This section there are 4 minutes 09 seconds, James steals after the next break, layup, leading the Cavaliers to 44-41。 In this section there are 3 minutes and 29 seconds, Knight grabbed offensive rebounds, Loew then James passing, hit three-pointers, leading the Cavaliers to 47-42。
YiGeDaLa now also to third, and Craig – Thompson with a fine cast scored 3 points, 6 points warriors even after, once again overtake Warriors 48-47。 15 lead changes in the first half both sides。 Knight scored eight points, 55-48 in the first half made the biggest advantage。
Curry In this section there are 26 seconds to hit a ball, the Warriors the first half to 50-55 behind。
Last 2 minutes of this section, only 2 points Warrior。
  Curry scored 14 first half points, Thompson 11 points, Green and Barnes each had 8 points, behind the Warriors 18-21 on the boards。
Owen scored 16 points for the Cavaliers, Smith and Tristan – Thompson each had 10 points, James 7 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists。
  Because at a disadvantage on the boards, the Warriors the first half, there is not even a fast-break points。 Warriors had an outside force "spray brothers" angry, this section there are 8 minutes 37 seconds, Curry hit the third, after 26 seconds, Craig – Thompson also succeeded long shot。 This Houke Lei – Thompson and third hit, at 64 seconds, record three warriors hit 3, chasing the score 64-65。 Warriors fire-thirds complete, Andre Iguodala also hit the third, this section there are 4 minutes 07 seconds, Curry scored on the break once again, in 7 minutes, the Warriors hit six three-pointers. " spray brothers "hit five, they lead to 72-69, forcing the Cavaliers called timeout。
  After a pause, Cole again evolutions, put Varejao。
This old will become a knight Jones, again and again grabbed offensive rebounds for the Warriors。 After three sessions, but the Warriors to 30-29 on the boards beyond。
In this section, however, Knight last minute scored 4 points, chasing the score 77-79。
  Knight than the score in the fourth quarter, but Barnes hit the third, Andre Iguodala succeeded in the cast, once again leading the Warriors to 93-86。 In 6 minutes, the Cavaliers failed to score warfare, and the Warriors Yuezhanyueyong, this section more than half, Andre Iguodala grabbed offensive rebounds, Barnes hit the third ball, the Warriors wave of attacks hit 12-1, 93-84 to gain advantage。   Competition also 3 minutes 44 seconds, just by the Knights Owen break layup, but also to third immediately Curry, the Warriors double-digit advantage, this is the 17th record of the Warriors, setting a record in the NBA Finals。   Competition also almost a minute, the scene was actually naked, but immediately the security holder。
The footage did not affect the field of competition, James throws a ball in the game more seconds, Curry forced break layup, the Warriors lead to 98-89。   Competition also 3 minutes, the Warriors have left is once suspended, and 45 seconds, they run out of the last。 With time running out, the Knights had to foul tactics。
Warriors again and again free throws to seal the victory。
  Warriors made a match point at 3-1, after two days of rest, they are 14th against the Cavaliers at home, the winner will successfully defend。