Cancer may not want to adjust your diet can reduce the risk of cancer!

Location: body of cancer may not want to adjust your diet can reduce the risk of cancer!2018-3-2814: 38: 15 Source: Introduction: Cancer is recognized as one of the three killers, is a chronic disease difficult to cure advanced cancer。The world's 12 million new cancer cases each year, of which up to four percent of the original can be prevented in life。A published in the United States "NatureCommunications" journal Science report: adjust your diet can reduce the risk of cancer!Most cancers are eating out, of course, go back and eat……Lazy: eating fast food once, hurt once carcinogenic nitrite lot of people too lazy to cook, like to eat ham, sausages and other processed foods, and some people are used to eating out, do so easily lead to excessive intake of oil and salt, with to cancer risk。The last meal and the food hot, make do eat a lot of people's normal life, but leftovers are often carcinogenic risk of nitrite。
To recommend to eat on time, quantitative, eat fresh foods, try to eat leftovers。In addition, too lazy to exercise also increases the risk of cancer。Pickled: do not eat egg egg increased abdominal cancer is a famous preserved foods, delicious but it is also toxic, because there will be a lot of egg smoked lead element in the process, the lead element in the body will accumulate up , causing lead poisoning。American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund published a joint report: eating bacon and other processed meats increases the risk of cancer in the lower abdomen (such as in colorectal cancer) of。
While the consumption of 50 grams processed meat a day, will increase by 18% the risk of suffering from abdominal cancer。
The processed meat mostly used method of producing pickled。Many older people like pickled foods, but in fact these foods often contain a lot of nitrates, can be converted to nitrite in the stomach, and then combined with the food into nitrite amine amine, with a very strong carcinogenicity, will lead to the chance of stomach, intestines, pancreas and other digestive organs cancer rises。
Of course, do not overkill, and occasionally eat once or no problem。