What are the characteristics of bacterial vaginosis bacterial vaginosis What special performance

Bacterial vaginosis is hurt everyone's body, so that the patient is not a small burden to bear, in order to avoid harm to the disease, we must correct understanding of bacterial vaginosis。
What are the characteristics of bacterial vaginosis take a look at it below。 What are the characteristics bacterial vaginosis 1, markedly increased vaginal discharge vaginal discharge increased significantly with the typical symptoms of the disease, usually secretions mostly homogeneous lean or thin paste-like, off-white, cream or pale yellow with special fishy odor。 Stench worse after menstruation or after sexual intercourse, genital sexual partner may also carry the same bad smell。
2, abnormal vaginal discharge increased vaginal discharge abnormal increase of the disease is one of the most common symptoms, vaginal discharge of patients had the disease will greatly increase, mostly yellow or green, with a stench, leaner, and more into a purulent vaginal discharge , but also with tiny bubbles。 3, genital discomfort and itching genital itching and discomfort are common symptoms of the disease。 General discomfort and itching is no law, generally typical symptoms in women at rest and nervous state will be more obvious genital burning and itching。 There is a small portion of patients will lower abdominal pain, dyspareunia and urinary abnormalities such symptoms。 Bacterial vaginosis disease check cleanliness check: Under physiological conditions, the female reproductive system has a natural protection, because of the presence of vaginal bacteria in the vagina, it can maintain the acidic environment in the vagina。 Secretions: general properties are observed to check the color and character of vaginal secretions。 Vaginal discharge is a liquid secreted by the female reproductive system, also known as vaginal discharge。 Pathogen tests: Pathogen Test vaginal secretions can clear the nature of vaginitis。 Cotton swabs may be employed or aspirate specimens Do vaginal examination pathogens。
Hysteroscopy: hysteroscopy is a new, minimally invasive gynecological treatment technique, a light source for a fiber-endoscopic examination and treatment of the uterine cavity, including hysteroscopy, energy systems, a light source system, perfusion system it is the preferred method of examination by the front portion of the lens body into the uterine cavity, having an enlarged portion of the observed effect, intuitive, accurate and gynecological become intrauterine bleeding disorders and diseases; and an imaging system。
Inspection, diagnosis and analysis of women through a series of tests and therapeutic hysteroscopy。
The pH of the vaginal follows: pH of vaginal discharge is PH vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge, i.e., check pH。
Vaginal examination is a basic project。
Amine test: amine test is to test whether the presence of volatile amines women vaginal discharge vaginal discharge。 For checking bacterial vaginosis。
Tips: Do not panic detection of diseases, should go to hospital for treatment this morning。