Introduction "Business Lover" fraud color a couple of Final Appeal jailed

  The Court found that a series of fraud and Jo Yoon woman living together with their implementation, in order to Jo boss, wealthy people and so introduce the name of "business Lover" to find women through social software, inform the other party can earn a lot of money。 Yoon asked about the situation of women age, height, etc., and encourage each other in this type of industry。
  After Jo posing as the boss, and other wealthy people to meet with the deceived women and sexual relations, until the other party when ask for compensation, then in order to receive the reward you must first pay various fees grounds, pay the other party trick。 During 2014-2016, two have defrauding eight women total 849,331 yuan。
  "I do not fraud," Jo trial had argued that the victim is male and female and their friends or business partnership。 Yinmou be admitted to the allegations and the fact that charges。 Two mentioned per capita defense, the alleged conduct did not constitute part of the case of fraud。 Jo defender also said that Jo did not have serious consequences for society and the victim also has some fault。   The court found that the two fictional facts to defraud others of money, a huge amount, constituted fraud, punishable by law。 Jo opinion of the defense counsel and, after investigation, Jo women cheat more than several hundred thousand dollars, and deceive sexual relations, is nothing less than serious social harm。 Indeed due to the victim and deceived the sake of money, but it does not believe that there is no fault of the crime, the court not adopted。
  The court held that fraud and proposals put forward Jo crime method, contact with the victim and sexual relations, collect money also controlled by him, it should be recognized as the main culprit。
Yoon encouraged victims to do "business Lover", cheating, prompting the victim to pay money, accomplice。   Last December 1, Chaoyang court verdict on the case, were sentenced for fraud Jo, Yoon 13 years imprisonment and 5 years and a half。 Jo, Yoon refused to accept the judgment of first instance and in the Court of Appeal to three。
  The Beijing News reporter yesterday from three in the hospital was informed of Final Appeal ruled recently dismissed two of the appeal and upheld。
  Often succeed due to take the "climb-rich psychological" Although Jo sent the woman photos are cool and neat image, live in five-star hotels, still sweat fitness gym, but he was not the other second-generation rich imagination。
  Beijing News reporter learned that wealthy people claiming the 30-year-old Jo, junior high school and unemployed, police in the Chaoyang District Zhoujiazhuang residence its control, and his 45-year-old surnamed Yin living together in a dirty house。   In two of the residence, police also seized eight mobile phones and five bank cards, usually they use these phones change with different identities and women chat, each phone there are hundreds of photos。   On suspicion of committing fraud and deception, two on October 21, 2016 under criminal detention。   Jo confessed in 2014 through an online chat understanding surnamed Yin, later to live together, "not the kind of relationship between male and female friends, I called her sister"。   "April 2015, I do have more than 40 million, want to buy a car, but too few。
"Jo said, he and Yoon discuss, street by street and micro-letters looking for girls willing to make big money, add as a friend claimed that he could introduce second-generation rich, the big boss。   Then Jo posing as a "wealthy" and dating a girl, have sex。 After again by posing as micro letter "Ting Ting", "Sphere", "Renee," "cuckoo" and so on, a variety of names to make them pay。   "We cheated a lot of people in this way。 Now the little girl is caught climbing the rich psychological, trying to cheat money to spend。
"Jo confession, this routine with a total of 40 people cheated。
  "After I made a big pressure, they did not dare to spend money, save Cary。 "Jo says, and he is using a mobile phone posing as an assistant to defraud, but require speech and telephony, surnamed Yin to 'battle'。
He points to a period of more than 30,000 Yoon also bought her shoes, buy a package, etc.。   Yinmou confessed that he was posing as the main intermediary, asking whether someone is willing to do "business Lover", and later said to pay fees。 She participated in the fraud about 20, but so far they have not seen。
  Beijing News reporter Liu Yang。