Elements of the body and mind each other better enjoy sex

4, when the stimulus surface, such as betrayal and adventure atmosphere, to deceive the public, fear of being discovered, also tend to bring out the intense pleasure: "The best time is in the field abroad, while driving to do, there are great sense of liberation。 "" The best one occurred on MTV, and with an American, to see the film the way, he began to touch my body, I did not refuse, but also there was a reaction, we warmly your need for each other, correspond to each other, in the wildest , unbridled process, common to orgasm。
"5, ceremony and celebration mood, reunion, special day, etc. One respondent said:" The best one was a long time did not meet him, a meeting in a restaurant, that kind of firewood fire flames of lust, it seems want to let him eat the body, but he also true strong, when the 'enter', the body can not help but joy, trembling, hugging and hope to close contact with friction。
This time the best, and the climax can be two or three times, especially when his skillful guidance, that orgasm is so beautiful。
"For women, there is no orgasm sex is boring, in order to get it you have to go make love, it will be at risk due to individual differences Everyone knows that regardless of sex with anyone, can not be 100 % safe。
Since we can not get 100% safe, then go step by step effort to minimize the risk of。
Safe sex Step 5 Step 1 – ask for the proper use of condoms, even though 70 percent of Chinese people could accept sex without using a condom, but the condom prevention, contraception double effect undoubtedly makes it the most respected professionals contraceptives。
In addition, about 8% of the population who are allergic to latex, if you happen to fall into this category, condom use to pick an ordinary pharmacy you can buy a polyurethane material, it will be the last choice。 As for the proper use of condoms, of course, that goes without saying。 Step 2 – their own sexual aspect is part of the requirements do not have more trouble。
Understand their true sexual needs, the second step is to get safe sex。 Elements for a better sexual Step 3 – Choose to accept sexual partners your point of view: to remind you that people's sexual attitudes is a long-term form under the influence of living conditions, educational background and other factors, do not try to change each other's sexual attitudes, and do not to impose their own sexual attitudes to each other。
Step 4 – Know whether violent sexual partners, unless you like SM: This psychological experts recommend the following simple test will help you understand your partner whether violent。
Step 5 – to protect their sexual privacy is a virtue, if you do not bring the dead end to sexual experiences to change money, or indeed difficulties of last resort, take good care of your sexual privacy and treasure it。
Of course, if you and your partner are first-class technology, and do not care about the secular vision, is another matter。
Spare Security 5 steps to minimize the risk, not to let the climax comes the burden!For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。