Lakers recruit James real hammer!Magic battle it will be fine

  Beijing on March 12 knights away to the Lakers, Cavaliers finally to 113 than the 127 lost to the Lakers, Cleveland honest newspaper reporter Joe – Wadden published a picture on his Twitter, has attracted wide attention。   Photo shows during the suspension, Magic Johnson and Ritchie – Paul be greeting。
Magic Johnson currently serves as chief operating officer of the Lakers, and Paul is James's agent, the two of them together to exchange will no doubt arouse a reverie。   Before there are a lot of reporters broke the news this summer, James would very seriously consider the possibility of joining the Lakers, so whenever it comes to the Lakers and James, both of which can be linked together involuntarily。
  Union currently has expressly prohibited the officer team players in the contract period to communicate with the players agent, if it is found to have illegal recruitment in the presence of coalition that will be heavy fines。
  Two old traveler could not know this, so they are not very likely to discuss topics related to James。 But only because James to Los Angeles once a year, I believe that the magician must not want to miss this chance, so they before the exchange is bound to pay attention to Alliance。   (Yu Heng)。