What situation can not feet precautions to keep in mind

1, many traditional Chinese medicine with traditional Chinese medicine foot bath once or twice and found obvious, I felt poor Chinese medicine foot bath, this idea is wrong, we all know, Chinese medicine therapy in treatment are rather long, so the Chinese medicine feet need to persist for some time to see significant results。 2, Chinese medicine pot repeatedly turned a lot of people feel their feet more expensive medicine, pot once or twice too wasteful to throw the trash, so they will turn pot medicine many times, in fact, this approach is a waste of time。
The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine in general pot twice have all been released, if then boil for the third time, then the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine a little water; and medicine feet piece is a one-time-use products。 3, feet too long feet as long as possible this idea equally wrong, general medicine foot bath soak 40 minutes, 40 minutes can make the foot capillaries to absorb enough of the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, and their feet too easy to take long sweat, sweat loss of too much damage to the heart is。 4, foot bath water too hot which is not the case feet Many people, when their feet are optional water temperature is high, they believe that the high temperature, help blood circulation and promote the absorption of aspects of Chinese medicines。
In fact, this is wrong, because the temperature is about 40 degrees more compatible with people, the high temperature will burn, blood circulation and all of a sudden too fast, causing the red blood, but causing discomfort, or even collapse。 How to properly feet first, to choose the right foot bath barrel feet since it is, it must reflect a "bubble" word。
"Bubble" here embodied, the water should be more heat to be enough longer time。 You can not just take a bowl put some water on the line。
Did not achieve a health effect, that is up to your feet, not feet。