Fungal vaginitis diet taboo?The patient's diet should be banned

Mycotic vaginitis is an extremely gynecological diseases, then, how to treat fungal vaginitis addition to medication under the guidance of a doctor, the conditioning diet is also very important to understand what to eat to improve fungal vaginitis it。
Fungal vaginitis food taboos 1, avoid spicy food。 Such as pepper, white wine, mustard, curry, star anise, and so spicy spicy food, the patient should be avoided during treatment; 2, avoid fat objects。
Shrimp, lamb, beef, dog meat, fish, seafood, etc. These foods are not conducive to the elimination of inflammation in patients。 3, sweet food。
Such as candy, cake, pork, etc., which help warm the role, will add to increased secretions。
4, avoid alcohol。 Aggravated warm reception, tobacco and alcohol is not conducive to disease recovery。 After fungal vaginitis should eat foods 1, yogurt Yogurt contains a large number of live lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria that enter the body, can control Candida albicans overgrowth of bacteria and so on, there are bacteria grow bacteria teams flora balance, and then adjusting the pH of the vaginal environment。 2 garlic garlic is rich in allicin and allicin and other substances, it is a natural bactericidal substances, for infections caused by Candida albicans fungal vaginitis, have a good bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, can inhibit excessive harmful bacteria breed。
3, amaranth amaranth has the effect of qi, heat, detoxification, eyesight, and large intestine, itching fungal vaginitis For more serious patients can eat more spinach help ease the discomfort. In addition, cabbage, mustard, celery , also have the same effect。
4, lentils lentils sweet natured, spleen, and, qi, dampness, refreshing effect, can be treated spleen and wet, no appetite, loose stool, excessive vaginal discharge, etc. phenomenon, can help improvement of fungal vaginitis increased vaginal discharge。
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