Father was traced to investing in the mainland, "opposing everything" Huang Guochang changed his tune

Huang Guochang。 (Source: Taiwan, "the China Times") According to reports, Huang Guochang since the beginning of 2012, there is hostility toward mainland investment in Taiwan, hoarse speaking, refers to the response of innuendo "salmon return," the aim is not simply Taiwan incite young students "hatred of"。 Taiwan's "Legislative Yuan" to consider "trade dress" derived during the "sunflower student movement," Huang Guochang criticism of Taiwan is sparing no effort, it seems that all Taiwanese are "pro-Taiwan sell" elements, with the idea that he is substandard "do not love Taiwan"。
  Huang Guochang father until high Hee investment governance issue was revealed in Shandong, was busy with the election, "legislators" Huang Guochang of emergency fire-fighting at a press conference, a change in the past criticized Taiwan's extreme views, greatly changed the attitude changed to themselves "not anti-China."。
As to why there is no disclosure regarding the investment in the mainland father?Huang Guochang vague passing。   Huang Guochang double standard, aroused shelling。
"Legislators" fee tai pointed out that Huang Guochang in the past with great fanfare to support the people cry, refers to Taiwan to the mainland to do business to make money, is the "red top", but the fact that Taiwan is the face of his wife's family, but changed to say "be respected "。   Oprah Tang Huilin said, according to Huang Guochang saying, father to invest in the mainland is "love Taiwan", the other person is "pro-selling Taiwan", this double standard, perfunctory rhetoric apparently unable to convince the public。
(China Taiwan Network Li Ning)。