Aerobic cycling cycling method

Weekend, when some of the cyclists will bike out to relax, cycling is somewhat small amount of exercise, the ease of aerobic exercise, the cyclists riding which it points, the following people together to understand it。
Aerobic cycling method cycling at medium speed, typically about 30 minutes continuous riding, keeping in mind add a deep breath, increased heart and lung function is very good, but also have effects on weight loss。
First intensity cycling method is to require each riding speed, followed by a predetermined intensity to control their own pulse riding speed, which can effectively exercise the cardiovascular system。 Power cycling method that force to ride under different conditions, such as uphill, downhill, so can improve the quality of strength or endurance legs, can effectively prevent the generation of the thigh bone disorders。 Intermittent cycling method cycling, the first few minutes slow ride, and then a few minutes ride fast, then slow, then fast, so alternating cycle exercise, can effectively exercise heart function。
Soles of cycling method foot center position (i.e. Yongquan) contacting the rider pedals the bicycle, you can play the role of massage points。 Specifically: a pedal car, do not force the other foot to a foot drive bicycle forward, every time a pedal car at 30-50, when the wind or uphill training, better results。