Uber automatically driving a car killed a woman the world's first fatal accident system

Crossing accidents。 (Source: Fox News) on Sunday (18th) evening, a woman was Arizona Uber autonomous vehicles hit, killed after。 Reuters reported that this is the world's first autonomous vehicle accident caused death, or the introduction of this new technology form the impact。 A famous steps spokesman said, Uber will suspend its automatic pilot project in the United States and Canada。   Reuters also said the incident occurred, although there is a driver behind the wheel ,, however, when the car is in automatic control mode。
Tempe police statement said the car was traveling north positive, and the woman was outside the crosswalk to go from west to east。
According to Fox News reported, local time on the 19th Uber Twitter account in a statement said it would fully cooperate with the local police to investigate。
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the Twitter account said it would sent a work team to investigate the matter。
(Compile / Zhang Shen overseas network)。