January Best player: Meng God&Northern Territory brother Wang Wei few letters nominated

  Beijing on February 2, according to the NBA's official website reported, NBA officials announced the NBA Eastern Conference Player of January, Raptors DeMar – DeRozan and Warriors – Stephen Curry were named。
  January, DeRozan led the Raptors made 10 wins and 5 losses, he averaged points (east second), plus assists。
Raptors continue in second, the difference between the eastern part of the Celtics first wins。   DeRozan in 15 games in January in at least 30 points four times, especially when the game against the Bucks scored the highest single-game team history 52 points。
In addition, DeRozan still four games out at least eight assists, and hit the top of the career assists a month rate。   In January, when the time in the lineup of Curry, the Warriors record is 10 wins and 2 losses, including six wins away from。
Curry in January averaged points (the league), plus assists and rebounds, shooting percentage and three-point shooting was% and% respectively。
Curry had 30 points at least six games, including a season-high 49 points (against the Celtics)。
In addition, he dropped into 62 three-pointers in January, the league。   It is worth mentioning that, DeRozan is a library team in today's All-Star Game。
  Other obtained in January Eastern Conference Player nominees include: Carey – Owen (Celtic), Oladipo (Walker), Louis – Williams (Clippers), the Golan – Dragic Whiteside (Miami), letters Columbia (Bucks), Anthony – Davis (Pelican), Russell – Westbrook (Thunder), 利拉德迈克 Salem (Blazers)。
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