2012 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit

Prime Minister announced the establishment of a regular meeting mechanism within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization prime ministers The prime ministers unanimously decided to start the process of multilateral economic and trade cooperation in six-nation Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states focused on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and trade cooperation, and to organize the internal construction the leaders exchanged views unanimously stressed that terrorism, separatism and extremism "three evil forces" remains a major threat to security and stability in the region, through multilateral and bilateral cooperation and resolutely fight against the leaders agreed to strengthen infrastructure construction on the basis of cooperation in the field of energy, telecommunications, financial as well as cultural, science and technology and tourism, while continuing to increase the crackdown on the "three evil forces" of prime ministers binding consensus on June 15 the same year, the Shanghai summit agreed to study the economic SCO member states priority direction of cooperation and put forward a series of concrete measures for the leaders of the six countries cooperation in economy, trade, science and technology, social, cultural and other spheres unanimously stressed, deepen and expand pragmatic cooperation and realize common development and build a harmonious region is the common member countries aspirations and goals, but also on The key to growing organizations continue to comprehensively implement the "long-term good-neighborly treaty of friendship and cooperation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states" and the 2008 summit in Dushanbe consensus, deepen pragmatic cooperation and jointly study how to deal with the challenges for the current international economic situation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win issued a "Shanghai cooperation organization member States Heads of government (Prime Minister) Council joint communique" summit issued a "Declaration" and the "results press release," and approved "Shanghai cooperation organization members receive new regulations" and other important documents meeting issued the "Shanghai cooperation organization Heads of the tenth anniversary meeting of the Council member states a press release. "。