84 famous thing investigator posts booster court "broken housekeeping"

  What Yangcheng Evening News reporter Xie Ying investigators do?Assist the court "broken housekeeping" Yefeng Ping social worker from Long Magnolia Family Service Center, is the first family of an investigator, social worker engaged in eight years working in the rank of her, in June last year, he accepted a special the task – to do with a family court investigation, provide the basis for the trial court。   According to commission court, Yefeng Ping that, after one pair of 80 couples going through divorce proceedings, fighting for custody of her daughter two years old, the two wrangling。
Special about this case is that both sides respect the young couple's income, education, social background and other conditions are matched, the feelings of parents and children are also very good, exactly who to award the child to become a dilemma problem。
  In this regard, the Court of Dongguan City, the second two sets of specially commissioned professionals to investigate the girl's parents were family, which is a group of social workers Yefeng Ping and his colleagues, the other is a group of counselors。   "With the entrusting court, the parties are with our survey。 "Yefeng Ping said that she found it very complementary couple personality, an outgoing a restrained。
Both husband and wife are very fond of children, want to give the best care to children。
This all can see, Yefeng Ping recorded in the investigation report。
  The second survey Yue Fang, Yefeng Ping of work, income, living conditions, family situation made a detailed understanding of the parties。 "To see both of them in particular, the growth of children, educational expectations, better schools nearby which side more, other family members which side is more equipped to take care of children。 "Finally, the survey less than 10 days fixed by the Court, the investigation side edge Yefeng Ping mediation, the two men had tense for custody of the child has a new communication and understanding, to ease a lot of contradictions。
  Ultimately, the court made reference to the investigation report, and comprehensive consideration of the child awarded the mother, the child's father agreed。
Also considered for the child, so that her children that went to the residence of his father attended。
  Investigators who is?Mostly grassroots women's federation cadres and social workers since last year, Dongguan City, the second court to test the water in the area of Magnolia Family Service Center implementation of the "Family investigators" system。 This year, Dongguan City Intermediate People's Court and the Women's Federation jointly issued "on the establishment of the Family Ombudsman system," March 13, Dongguan City, the first 84 with the famous thing investigators formally employed and unified training, marking the judicial innovation Dongguan city in full swing。
  Why should the implementation of family inspectorate system?Data show that last year the number of family court courtroom second only to close the case in Dongguan City, nearly 500。 Due to family disputes have ethics, concealment and so on, there is a certain degree of evidence collection difficult。
  Engaged in the Family Justice judges also admitted that although some cases people have associated with the obligation of the court investigation, but in practice many people often evasive, to fight for their demands, parties to the case will perform better in court, it is difficult to judge authenticity observed in a short period of time in chambers。   Family and investigators from the grassroots, the local customs, the parties a better understanding of the actual situation, can serve as a good complement trial basis。   Reporters saw from the roster, the first batch of 84 city-level investigators, mostly family town street Women Cadres, community social workers, professionals have some lawyers, psychologists, counselors, etc.。
Women's Federation at the time of the selection of investigators, consider choosing "do mass work, know how to deal with" the。   What specifically do investigators?Comprehensive survey party cases family disputes tend to be trivial, the parties are difficult to reconcile the contradictions only to go to court, how investigators work?  The day before yesterday, Dongguan City, the second Family Court Chief Judge Xu Zhen after the appointment ceremony, specially on a training session for the 84 investigators。 She told this reporter, currently requires investigators to assist in cases of more than custody cases, the future will expand to other types of family cases。
Investigators survey commissioned by the contents of the courts generally include: family economic status, personality, experience, living environment and other parties; maintenance situation and life skills of the elderly; minor psychological, emotional status, etc., to form a unified format after the actual survey the investigation report submitted。
  Investigators There is also a class of professional social workers, psychologists, counselors, etc., "If custody case, we will do some professional structured interview through them, sandbox games, personality tests, and further understand the relationship between the parties and the parent-child status。
"Xu Zhen also stressed that the basic principles of family survey requirements Family investigators in the investigation, it should be lawful, fair, objective, conscientious, strict compliance with honest discipline and avoidance provisions, due to personal privacy and other undercover investigations aware of, not to the trial unrelated cases of staff, said the unit。   "In my opinion, a lot of family disputes are lack of communication, over time became a contradiction。 "Participate in family mediation work many times Shilong Li Weisheng investigators counsel, the court commissioned the investigation of the case is still more focused to compete for custody cases," the parties will include their basic positive to investigators, we have to verify the truth "。   It Caixin report as the court?  Sub-section were used cross-examination and questioning, "Family Report" will provide the court trial basis, that should do as He Caixin?Xu Zhen introduced, said the People's Court in the trial, the parties will inform the family commissioned investigators to carry out investigations of the case。
According to case to the need, the report will be grouped as part of cross-examination and inquiries section, to be used separately。 It is reported that the content survey commissioned by the actual situation of the general court seized, and it will strictly abide by the principle of confidentiality。   According to reports, the inspectorate system is an innovative family justice, social third-party power boost to resolve family disputes such incorporation into more humane care in case processing, with multi-family social forces to repair damaged, will drive family justice reform, is conducive to a fair and impartial judge judgment。