What foods can teach you to treat high blood pressure remedies to treat hypertension

What food can treat hypertension Hypertension is a very common disease, I believe many of my friends or family round about the existence of such patients, then what foods can be treated with high blood pressure and small series to see what foods to treat high blood pressure We introduce!Treatment of hypertension which can be a food, meat fried onion can prevent arteriosclerosis 150 g onion, 50 g of lean meat, soy sauce, oil, salt, monosodium glutamate known amount。 Onion slices, shredded meat。
Pork put oil → → → onion sauce。 2, kelp green bean soup can cure hypertension kelp 150 grams, soaked, washed, chopped; Wash green beans 150 g。
A total pot boil overripe, transfer service with brown sugar, 2 times a day。
3, celery, celery bitter melon soup Hypertension 500 g (para), momordica charantia 60 g (sheet), both with drinking soup For。 Celery also dates (300 g, 3-4 pieces) Nagisa, cure high blood pressure, dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, palpitations, easy to dry, insomnia embolism。
4, carrot soup preventing hypertension (diabetes) treatment of hypertension which food can be 5, 200 g of fresh celery, celery juice clean, hot boiling water for 2 minutes with gauze mountain of chopped juice, sugar and then transfer service, 2 times a day (celery, can lower blood pressure, Liver, sedative, antispasmodic, only spit stomach, diuretic, vertigo, headache, hypertension in patients with facial flushing spirit of excitement applicable。 ) 6, the honey will be moist and hypotensive 7, sugar porridge tofu Tofu amount of Hypertension, 60 grams of rice, crystal sugar。
8, with the addition of boiled sugar 1-2 after boiling Serve For good hard milk meters For →。