To the "Warren" Buffett learning how to tell a good story

Tencent securities FRANCISCO March 17 news, the US financial media CNBC published an article that Warren – Warren Buffett has good things: money (his net worth of $ 67 billion), set up a company (Berkshire stock market value of 500 billion US dollars), teaching (he had asked people to remember that he is a teacher)。 One more thing is his strength: storytelling。
As the cornerstone of the success of leadership, the ability to tell the story is more important than ever。 Buffett's annual letter to shareholders look at it!In Berkshire's annual report released two weeks ago, Buffett said in his latest letter to the fund managers compared to monkeys, and use other analogies and stories to explain why the average, individual investors should choose low-cost index fund。 Buffett believes that the whole, active investment management by professionals in many years time performance will lag behind the amateur selection of passive index investing。
In an era of lack of trust, Buffett rely on methods centuries ago: writing and storytelling to build trust in him and his company.。
Whenever Buffett wants to share his views on the world, he always tell a story。
I will never forget that five years ago, Buffett called my wealth office and told me that he believed that many chief executives are demeaning women, which damage the interests of their own company, but also harm the US economy。
He hoped that the "Fortune" magazine will publish his article on this topic, we agreed。
On the "Fortune" magazine in 2013 published in the journal Warren – Warren Buffett published an excellent article, "Warren – Warren Buffett optimistic about women" to explain his views on the 2013 Fortune 500 business executives of the company。
Buffett wrote in the article: "If you can take steps to improve the output, then no manager is willing to 80% efficiency to operate his own company。
"" When training or improvement in working conditions, managers want to make the best use of male staff capable to further improve productivity。 Therefore, further think: if male employees to improve working conditions make it get real benefits, will be able to fulfill its potential to achieve the effect, then why you do not want the other half of the women in the world do come in are also included?"In addition to the exchange of views, exchange information, there are what can make or break a great person too?After 30 years of interviews and analysis of those world-changing entrepreneurs, leaders who can attract the most followers in the story, will do the following four important things to attract more followers: 1.Into the personality of Starbucks Howard – Schultz established through the dissemination of his personal story of the success of the corporate culture, he is the son of World War II veteran, fired after an accident, no health insurance。 He In order to establish a successful corporate culture, committed to promoting policies to provide health care for all employees, and successfully created his own leadership。 Andy Herron – Musk also by promoting his personal style to make his brand of globalization。
Musk on SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket company installed a red Tesla Roadster, this surprising way to get promotion, meaning it will not cross-marketing。
When a reporter asked whether the launch Musk has personal significance, he replied: "It is with a personal touch。
"2.They tell the story of the crisis into opportunity in 2014, when Marie – when Barak stepped in as CEO of General Motors, she crisis will reshape GM cultural opportunities into。
When the ignition switch failure due to customer sued GM's future is threatened。 "I never wanted this thing behind," Barak told employees at a town hall meeting。 "I want this painful experience will always remain in our collective memory。
"A company's employees told" Fortune "magazine, said Bala's remarks 'different from any previous one GM CEO'。
3.They have been trying to make a good story go on Why Jeff – Bezos repeated every year in the annual report of the Amazon in his "first day"?Bezos has been strengthening his motto: Amazon never stop entrepreneurs。 Bezos wrote in his 1997 annual letter to shareholders, said: "The first two days is the period of stagnation, followed by irrelevant rambling, extremely painful recession, followed by death, which is Why should we been in a 'first day' status。
"He re-released this information, and after every annual report in the Amazon have mentioned this。 4.Find new ways restatement of the story in 2013, when Buffett hopes young people to hear his message about women driving economic growth, he carried out a live conversation at the University of Nebraska。 I'm your host, we answered the students' questions。
That night, when we are sitting on the stage, when Buffett first tweet。
He found a clever way to spread his ideas to the world, namely: women are the key to American prosperity。 (Wind-driven)。