Real hammer!James walking busted five major tribute Wei less embarrassing?

  Beijing on March 13, yesterday knight away loss to the Lakers, Cavaliers headed star LeBron – James has an obvious walking, but the referee did not blow, the result of a netizen drying out of evidence on social media。   From the users point of view drying out the video, then race to the first quarter, the Cavaliers made the bottom line of the ball, the results did not dribble the ball after James, and walked four steps with the ball, but the referee did not blow him away step。   The friends still in this video below, wrote: "There is no walking。

。 Cool (Chan), "the impression, in the 2016-17 season, the Thunder away with the Warriors in the game, Westbrook also has a walking such a case, when the Warriors players immediately remind the referee, but the referee immediately blew few walking Granville but yesterday that James walking, seemed to court players are not too much attention, so let James mixed past。
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