Free trade port competition part of the list of players

■ competing "Hong Kong" Shanghai in mid-2017 under the State Council issued the "deepening China (Shanghai) free trade program of reform and opening test area", Shanghai will be in the Yangshan Bonded Port and Shanghai Pudong Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone and other special customs supervision area, the establishment of a free trade port area。
Preliminary program explicitly states that "relying on the Yangshan Deepwater Port and Pudong International Airport" two core bearing area, is expected to achieve new breakthroughs in the line (border) release aspects, will be canceled or simplified trade control measures into the cargo area maximum extent, not expected to achieve the declaration, not duty-paid, re-export without restriction, and other international offshore financial leasing industry has become the highlight。
Zhejiang Province in 2018 government work report that will actively promote the building of China (Zhejiang) free trade test area, to fight for free trade port in Zhejiang floor; strengthen and expand the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, the largest port to establish a sound management system Large Marine。
In the "performance report in 2017 in Zhejiang Province in the national economic and social development plan and the draft 2018 national economic and social development plan" in the implementation of justice Ningbo open big boat channel construction, to further promote China (Zhejiang) free trade test area Zhoushan Sea Combined center construction and services, and actively striving for free trade port, to create the core of a world-class oil were commodities trading center as a storage and processing to create "" an important hub。 Guangdong CPPCC Guangdong Provincial CPPCC Chairman Wang Rong during the NPC and CPPCC proposals, support the establishment of a free trade port in Guangdong, the implementation of internationally accepted policy of free trade and higher standards of trade regulatory system。 Expand the mainland and Hong Kong financial markets open and two-way Unicom, financial cooperation and foster new platform to build international commercial banks, pushing funds, insurance and other cross-border transactions。 Tianjin State Council "on the Tianjin Binhai New Area comprehensive reform pilot program approved" put forward, accelerate the construction of Dongjiang Bonded Port Area, carried out to establish the Free Trade Zone Reform when conditions are ripe。 "About Tianjin International Center North building program approval core functional areas" proposed reform actively explore with Chinese characteristics free ports。 Tianjin seventeenth session of the People's Congress approved the first meeting of the "Government Work Report" clearly states that the Tianjin free trade will create an upgraded version of the test area, the construction of a positive declaration of free trade port。
During the two sessions Dalian, Dalian submitted a "proposal for support for the construction of the first batch of Dalian Free Trade Port"。
Dalian three times in the history of international free trade port, from the location advantages, it is the core of the Northeast Asian economic circle, is opening up the gateway to the Northeast, while gathered professional automotive, container, oil, minerals and food of a large marina, which is unmatched by general port。 In addition, Dalian route to explore the country by opening up more substantial innovation in the original FTA on the basis of a qualified。 Shandong and Shandong are relying Qingdao Port and Qingdao Port is located west coast of Qingdao Economic Area actively seek to create a free trade port。 Public information display, the current program Qingdao Free Trade Port has taken shape and has been communicating with the Ministry of Commerce。
As China's second largest foreign trade port, close to the port of Qingdao port and the world's more than 180 countries are linked, Qingdao and nearly 200 countries have trade, customs in Qingdao approved the establishment of China's coastal areas only intermodal Supervision Center。
Central European trains have also been docking port of Qingdao, east Japan and South Korea carry out entrepot trade docking, docking west New Eurasian Continental Bridge, Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, the EU countries to develop trade along the Silk Road economic belt along the south the Trans-Asian Railway Corridor and the ASEAN, South Asian countries to develop trade。
Sichuan, the Sichuan Provincial Government recently issued "China (Sichuan) test free trade area construction plan", Sichuan FTA test area will explore the construction of inland free trade port, efforts to the forefront in the new round of opening up。
During the two sessions this year, the Sichuan delegation held a plenary meeting to discuss recommendations by the twelve Sichuan long-term development of relations, including the "Recommendations on support for the construction of inland Sichuan Province to explore free trade in Hong Kong."。 (Newspaper reporter Wang Caina According to public data compilation)。