Ross Big Three with 73 points, shot 11 of 19 total iron Heat Lectra Bulls 2-1

  Although only a third of the Eastern Conference finals, but the importance of self-evident, since the Heat win every year since 2006, won the Eastern Conference finals went into the final third of the field。 To win today's game, not only the lead, will also get a psychological advantage。
  "It's going to be a crazy game," MVP Ross said before the game, "where they will be more confident, and we want to win anyway。 We are more than their sense of urgency, more powerful。 "The first two games has been very intense, the atmosphere is tense today。
After the opening, the two teams raring NOAA jump ball when it hit the ball out of bounds。
Bulls hit only one ball three minutes later, when Ross break layup in the first section there are 8 minutes and 58 seconds, after which Bogans hit third, leading the Bulls to 7-4。
Bogans Since then again third shot, while the Heat have continuous shot, this section there are 6 minutes and 46 seconds, Anthony basket out of the opportunity, the ball reached immediately James, Anthony dunk and cause foul, even with a fine cast scored 3 points。
After more than half of this section, James for the first time on the third shot hit, after which he was fouled beyond the arc caused by three penalties in three, one scored 6 points, the Heat than the score。
James first section had 8 points, leading the Heat to 18-15。   II began shortly after Bosh hit two free throws, the Heat to 23-17 lead, but this is the biggest difference between the two teams in this section, the Bulls counterattack several times thereafter。 This section there are 1 minute 09 seconds, Bosh basket unguarded, dunk, the Heat to 41-35 once again widen the gap, after Ross forced break layup in front of James, not only score also cause foul, and even cast with a penalty scored 3 points。 Two after James made two free throws, Ross fired back once again, after the same two free throws, the Bulls to 40-43 behind only the first half。   Bosh became the Heat the first half, the first point of attack, one scored 16 points, and 11 being the highest Ross Bulls。
  Shortly after the start of the third quarter, Ross hit the third, chasing the score 47-47 Bulls。 Bibby also with the third, Boozer and Rose have been shot, the Bulls lead to 51-50, which is the festival for the first time since leading them to surrender。
Bulls lead only 14 seconds, after which they just hit in the last four minutes a ball, the Heat shot a wave of 10-2 to 60-53 and opened the gap。 Lol – Deng before the end of this section, a hit record third, bull tenaciously chasing the score 65-68。
  James and Chris Bosh have succeeded in the fourth quarter, the Heat shot 4-1 to 72-66 lead, forcing the Bulls called timeout。 After a pause, the Bulls still can not stop the Heat's offensive。 Bosh became the Heat the first point of attack, shortly after the start of the fourth quarter to break the 30 points。
This section there are 7 minutes, he turned over Boozer dunks with both hands, the Heat to 78-72 to obtain 6 points advantage again。   James also began to get angry, the game there are 5 minutes 10 seconds, he steals from the hands of Ross, fast attack, when play up front, only one person Korver defense, James force shots, left-handed hook shot, Coward Rama are not pull, was hit off James。
James even vote with a penalty scored 3 points, the Heat to 87-75 obtain 12 points of advantage。
  The two sides gap is widening, the Bulls footing a bit chaotic, shot timing is unreasonable, failed to narrow the gap to 8 points or less, but to accept defeat。   Bulls starting lineup: Derek – Ross, Keith – Keith Bogans, Joe King – Noah, Luol – Deng and Carlos – Boozer。   Heat starting lineup: Dwyane – Wade, Mike – Mike Bibby, Joel – Anthony, LeBron – James and Chris Bosh -。