19 points!Playoffs first tough guy!He helped Beijing win with broken bones!

  Beijing on March 17, the quarter-finals in the CBA playoffs, the Beijing men's basketball team on the road to 95-87 victory over Liaoning men's basketball team, successfully pulled inning。
Played with the injury played 20 minutes Di Xiaochuan, efficient scored a native 19 points。   For the protection of his goal, the game is still not as first play, but the game up Di Xiaochuan it is full of desire to attack: the first section three minutes left, the right-wing corner ambush Di Xiaochuan to a top arc of the ball Fangshuo , bundle up against the face of flying tomorrow morning, he was a fake to fool the opponent straight after killing the basket, without fear of encirclement Zhong Cheng and Guo Ailun layup success。
When a half minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Beijing team to control the rhythm of time pressure, time is about to finish the moment, Di Xiaochuan and Ethics after the completion of the pick and roll the ball to the basket in the open air he wore Han Dejun forced layup , opened the points difference to 10 points, very tough。
  And in addition to the break, Di Xiaochuan outside third is unambiguous, a sub-section up seeing Hudson angry Bukkake Jackson scored, the right-wing corner to rely on a single block to make room for the cover of Ji Zhe he received a pass refused to yield is a record third to give retaliate, with action to let the Liaoning men's basketball home fans instant silence。
  In addition to 19 points of the game, in fact, in the last game he would fight the next 12 points, unfortunately the team loses, but also inspired Di Xiaochuan's desire to win。
As the field average, six rebounds and assists local key players, his performance was duty-bound!  Although the other side of the Han Dejun also played with the injury because the needle jaws of death, but do not forget, in contrast Di Xiaochuan was quite serious injuries, including torn ligaments, bone marrow edema, soft tissue contusion and so on, according to his own He explained: "If we show through magnetic resonance imaging severe impact injuries or fractures or fracture occurs, the vernacular explanation is that my bones have been broken inside, but the outside still attached, there is a certain risk of fracture。
After a month of rest to recover before they can "。   Prior to and during the early Sharks 血战上海滩, Di Xiaochuan on many occasions volunteered to play, but the coaching staff for his health did not allow。
Today, at the level of the playoffs, but he played without fear of physical confrontation, and actively rebounding, defensive end is to take the lead。
The campaign, he relies on placing children also received a team-high 10 free throws and hit the 9 ball which eventually led his unit to win the victory, deserved "first playoff tough guy" in the title。   (one star)。