What happened ADHD and related?ADHD What therapeutic side

ADHD children although mental retardation does not exist, but if ignored, it will affect the child's learning and interpersonal。For ADHD children, parents from the spirit and for help on diet。Then the occurrence of ADHD and what is abnormal about it wants to ease ADHD ADHD generally have five factors which therapeutic approach ADHD is a common childhood behavior, higher incidence in preschool children。The occurrence of ADHD may be related to the following five factors: 1, genetic factors; 2, children of mothers during pregnancy have more or perinatal complications, often heavy smoking or alcohol abuse; 3, severe lead poisoning, toxic encephalopathy can lead to dementia and other neurological damage; 4, live in discord, lack of parental care or no fixed abode, and other adverse family environment where children are vulnerable to the ADHD; 5, the body of vitamin deficiencies, food allergies, food certain food additives, also can produce children with ADHD。Ease ADHD therapeutic side 1, jujube Walnut Ganmai pig heart burn with floating wheat 60 grams, 3 grams of licorice, jujube 10 (pitted), 30 g walnut meat, a pig heart (washed, cut the care blood), with a 4 lit herbal medicine pot, add water membered soup, seasoning, meat Decoction。2, jujube lily stew porcine jujube 6 (pitted), porcine 2 (red bars to the coating film, cleaning), with jujube, lily into the steaming pot, add the amount of water, stew cooked, seasoning Yin Tang meat。3, drug goat egg soup four quail eggs, goat (or bovine) 100 grams of water, fat Tremella 50 g, 10 g of corn flour。Goat cut into small pieces, cut fine white fungus, were put pot, add appropriate amount of water, flour and corn soup when boiling quail egg (shell) mix, thicken, the oil, salt, food。
Note: Children with ADHD generally normal intelligence, but their lack of concentration, disobedient, rash, irritability, may affect the child's academic performance, and resulting in children is difficult to get along with others, sometimes even dangerous to make move。
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