Early morning regimen most taboo these two things (1)

  Physical health is inseparable from good sleep, and in which our lives, there is a long period of time spent in bed all morning, so that sleep is a certain health effects, but health care is not enough just to sleep, Some details on the manners after waking up healthier。So, how do health care early morning?We keep in mind the early morning health Liangjisanyi。
  One, two bogey 1 morning, immediately violent。Many sports morning after the habit of proper physical exercise, as long as the note is indeed beneficial to health。
However, the movement must take a break after a brief early morning before they can be run until yin and yang balance。If after getting up, and without making preparations, they immediately put relatively strenuous exercise, it is prone to heart, cerebrovascular accident。  2, love bed。Another two in the morning bogey bogey is the love bed, I believe this phenomenon in everyday life that is very common, especially during the holidays love bed performance is more prominent。Where there have been people who would love bed can not afford to have such feelings: love bed and sleep more time, I feel that legs are heavy, apathetic, there are "more sleep the more tired", "The more sleep the more uncomfortable," the when feeling as energetic as a result, not as busy with work or study every day。Adequate sleep can relieve fatigue and restore energy。
But some people mistakenly believe that healthy sleep, especially in favor of youth growth and development, so some people have the opportunity to rely on a morning is not up in bed, sleep well above the required。This is a bad habit, over time, will cause adverse health effects。
  Second, should a three morning, water。
Water is the source of life, without water nourish our lives will be exhausted, so the early morning to develop the habit of drinking a glass of water a day will help health care。
Get up in the morning, should conscientiously drink a glass of water。
Because after a night of sleep, there is no drop of water intake, people are very easy to dehydration, this time to drink a glass of water, is a useful complement to the body of water。Meanwhile, also on the stomach also played a role in clean-up。
Wake stomach and other body senses, we can better digest the food we eat breakfast。
Also, drink a glass of clear water, port, allowing you to wake up from sleep。
  2, row morning。
Then you have to get up on a morning bowel habits do, if not, then it would quickly develop it, then this morning row once to develop good habits for our health, then it is a lifetime of。Food during our sleep, the body has to stay inside, after a night of digestion, if not promptly discharge go, will accumulate in the body burden of gastrointestinal function。
Many people can not do enough, after all, do not want to be able to row row, yet this habit, then do not worry, this is hard to culture。
For example, usually can eat a high-fiber foods, such as cabbage, sweet potatoes and other coarse grains, and after the morning with or without side went down the passage of time, will become a natural habit。
  3, eat breakfast。Food is, people are iron rice is steel, do not eat it is absolutely impossible, in particular, more attention should be paid to eat breakfast, this is the beginning of the first meal of the day。Many people do not pay attention to breakfast, that's right。Do not eat breakfast, neither know how to enjoy life, but also a physical damage folly。Some people prefer to sleep half an hour would not allow himself to eat a delicious breakfast。
In fact, breakfast is the most important three meals a day, breakfast is the source of vitality of one day, in order to save more sleep and breakfast is the most uneconomical, to a healthy discount, and second, lost to enjoy a quiet breakfast wonderful feeling。