Wearing contact lenses quickly see!The original contact lenses in the "bloodshed"!(1)

  Myopia family more and more for aesthetics and convenience, and many people choose to wear, more recently set off a wave of US-pupil。Experts said that compared to the general eyeglasses, contact lenses because the contact with the eye surface, and therefore risky, especially color film because there are risks fade, so should pay more attention, expert advice available artificial tears or cleansing oil testing, if problems should fade stop use, avoid eye irritation, if sustained may eventually lead to corneal ulceration wear。
  You need to pay attention to what to wear it?  Do not wear too long a day。The length of time to wear every day, in fact, depending on the individual condition of the cornea, but basically not recommended for daily wear for more than 12 hours, the proposed 5 per week?6 days。
If wearing the United States pupil will have to be more careful, do not wear every day more than 10 hours, preferably every other day once again。  Important habits。If worn properly, for example, is often associated with the use of staggered general glasses, cleaning the right way, in fact, will not harm the cornea, using from young to old can。However, if poor habits, such as wearing long time, or do not pay attention to clean, can lead to serious corneal hypoxia, may not be able to wear contact lenses immediately。  Xianzhi eye doctor。
Whether or wearing the United States pupil, recommendations have come from behind ophthalmology for treatment, to determine their suitability and degree of wear, etc. In addition, the family also recommended that contact lenses every six months to a year to do the relevant checks ophthalmology, cornea condition is determined to take this adjustment wearing habits。
  Do not just online shopping。Experts remind that many younger to be cheap, easy to find, often unsolicited Internet purchase US-pupil, no relevant health authorities check, may be at risk, it is recommended should buy well-known brands more secure。  Self-testing fade。
To determine whether the United States will fade pupil, public self-cleansing oil or artificial tears to the detection, first color pieces were immersed in artificial tears or cleansing oil 8?10 hours, again with a cotton swab to wipe the lens。
Experts said that through artificial tears is the basic standard tests, more advanced test before using cleansing oil, normally should not fade, fade should be suspended immediately if found。  Soak boxes often change。Cleaning is important, experts said that if we choose the best daily disposable, throw or weeks if you use extended wear, in addition to disinfectant to scrub 5?Lower than 10, it is also recommended soaking the cartridge must be frequently changed, in order to avoid using long box filth。
  Red eye should seek medical advice。If the eyes are red family to be careful, it may be a sign of corneal infection or bacterial infection, it is recommended should quickly seek medical treatment in order to avoid worsening condition。
  Often shift to be careful。
Experts said that many people often blink of an eye pupil will shift the United States, have to be careful whether the resulting color film fade, fade the color film will be eye irritation, itchy eyes, part secretions increases, long-term use in the eyelids president follicular, thus easy to make color film displaced when continuous wear, may cause corneal ulcers due to constant friction cornea。