A four acute myocardial infarction, bad habits quickly change (1)

  "" Big Guzi, the husband's brother and nephew of three people take turns admitted to the Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital。Good scare!"" February 28, Ms. Yang, who lives in Nanjing in the circle of friends send a message, followed by relatives and friends have been concerned and asked her what happened to make a 3 generations individuals admitted to the hospital, is it food poisoning?  Ms. Yang said with resignation, because the family is more than sudden onset of acute myocardial infarction, while symptoms are accompanied by hyperlipidemia。
  It is (a pseudonym) in the fourth eldest brother and sister of Mr. Chen Ning Yang lover, during the 2014 to 2017, Mr. Chen was also twice as sudden severe acute myocardial infarction admitted to the Provincial People's Hospital of Cardiology receiving treatment。  Bad living are to blame Ms. Yang said in an interview with reporters, their home this happen, with genetic association may have a little bit, but the most important thing is life。
  1, "by the great fathers of their siblings diet influence, we like to eat stew, often buy a lot of meat in the stew to eat, I do not like to eat vegetables。
My husband basically every meal to eat meat; '2' while the brothers like to drink, a drink that is often catty or pound; '3' we have very little movement, do not have this consciousness; '4 "also lack of awareness of the physical examination, physical examination rarely。"10 bad will induce myocardial infarction you pay no attention to these details of life can give yourself buried heart disease risk!  1, drink more, exercise less 2, long-term close contact with the chair seat, a half-day ride 3 front of the computer, control diet, eating too greasy more salt 4, hurry love, no love heels 5, easy to emotional tension 6 , work pressure 7. long-term stay up late, overtime 8, the risk of the population lived in heavy items 9, 10 bathe like in the case of a meal or hunger, like defecation 5 methods great efforts to protect the good vascular disease is preventable and curable control, a good life is very important。Our experts with cardiovascular disease Hu Dayi, gives the following recommendations: 1, quitting smoking has 100 victims without a profit, lifestyle changes, the first is non-smoking!Quitting smoking reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease is the most economical way。  2, try not to drink, or drink a lot of alcohol-induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is an important factor。
  ● people who do not like to drink, simply do not drink。
  ● For people who like to drink, every day men can only choose one of: two white wine 1 (50 g), 2 two or wine, or beer, 300 ml; women halved On this basis, pregnant women should not drink alcohol。  3, adhere to exercise, avoid sedentary week 3?More than half an hour of moderate exercise five times, i.e., a sweat more than half an hour duration。According to their old, moved to the sweating slightly, excess movement must not。  4, less hardcore diet eat less salt, eat flavors food; eat less oily big (fat and animal oil) food。Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits。
  5, to maintain ideal body weight BMI = weight (kg) / (height squared (m)) is the adult normal range of values?24, if the BMI greater than or equal 24, indicating that it has overweight or obese, need to lose weight。