It’s too hard to be a female partner!

She doesn’t have such a high level of consciousness,Isn’t this ok?
“What does this have to do with me,I can’t change other people’s views。”
Sang Xiaoxi was suddenly angry:“Tao is different,Not conspiring。If the prince is here,Would definitely agree with me。My sister is a little tired today,Go back first。If the eldest sister has some conscience,,It’s better to go to the village outside the city to see what the people are living,See if the eldest sister can live as easily as she is now?”
She walked to the door,Suddenly turned and looked at Sang Qingrou。
“You live a life of fine clothes and food,But have you ever thought,Not far from you,There are many people,Can’t eat enough。Can you still eat?”
Sixtieth:The epidemic appeared
When Ruyu came in,I just saw Sang Xiaoxi rushing away。She walked in with a snack on her face,Don’t know what happened。
“Miss,What’s wrong?Did you quarrel with the second lady??”
Sang Qingrou shrugged:“I just had a snack,As for?So many people outside are not doing well,and so,Should I let myself have a bad time?”
She sighed,Why is it so hard these days,She was wrong when she had a snack,Is it because she is not the heroine??
Let her hold the world?She really doesn’t have such a high level of consciousness。She is just an ordinary person,Where can I become a god who saves all beings。
“This world is like this,We can only do our best to live better,Where is such a great power,Let others have a good life?Even the emperor can’t do it,Not to mention we ordinary people。”
“Nothing wrong!I think so too。and so,I am not wrong!Why does she accuse me of eating snacks?。”
She has a little emotion,The cake I wanted to eat in two bites,She was stuffed in。
I am a mud bodhisattva crossing the river,Unable to help themselves,How she cares about other people。