5 alternative issues that moms care about most

5 alternative issues that moms care about most

Why does the baby eat breast milk? Constipation

But there are also a few babies who are constipated with breast milk, which may be caused by insufficient breast milk or high protein in breast milk.

When the mother’s milk is insufficient, the baby is in a state of half-life and the stool is naturally reduced, once every 2-3 days.

At this time, the baby’s weight gain is very slow and there is no satisfaction after feeding. The mother should add formula milk in time to supplement the lack of breast milk.

If the mother eats too much oily and high-protein food, the protein content in milk will increase, and the baby’s stool will become alkaline, and it will be hard and hard to discharge.

Mom should adjust her diet in time to eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

  Is formula suitable for babies? When breast milk is low or inadequate, mothers should prefer formula.

Because in formula milk, in addition to immunoglobulin, other ingredients are close to breast milk.

In recent years, colostrum has been added to some formulas, which is more suitable for fragile infants.

Babies’ response to formula milk varies from person to person, and mothers can choose the brand that best suits their baby among alternatives.

When preparing milk, be sure to follow the formula for the proper mix of water and milk, too strong or too light will affect the baby’s health.

  How to master the degree of feeding the baby, the amount of milk will not be the same for each baby. When the baby feels satisfied and the weight gain meets the standards, the amount of milk consumed is appropriate.

Some babies from 5 to 6 months eat too much milk and are not tired of it. If they let them eat, they will become overweight. It is best not to exceed 200 ml each time.Reduce the milk volume to 150 ml, then give the baby some juice, apple puree or carrot puree, etc., and he will be satisfied.

The mother can weigh the baby every 10 days. If the weight gain exceeds 200 grams, it is best to control the milk volume, otherwise it will be an excessive basis.

  Whether the baby can use soy milk or condensed milk as the main food The protein contained in soy milk is mainly vegetable protein, which should not be used as the main food for infants. It can only be supplemented with food.

Condensed milk has too high sugar content, the protein content after the preparation is reduced, and the trace content is reduced. It cannot meet the child’s nutritional requirements and is not suitable as a baby’s staple food.

  What to do if my baby is allergic to milk? After starting to eat milk, some babies have vomiting, diarrhea, urticaria, and even can. The symptoms disappear after stopping food. This is “milk protein allergy” and should not be taken temporarily.

If your baby has a light reaction to milk, you can use desensitization therapy, that is, give a small amount of milk, pause for 2 weeks after allergies, and then feed 10 ml of milk. If there is no allergy, add 5 ml every 2 days, and gradually increase to noThe maximum amount.