Fitness exercises can help you create sexy legs

Fitness exercises can help you create sexy legs

Guide: Yoga fitness can help you create sexy beautiful legs. Believe that every female friend who loves beauty is desperately eager to have a pair of sexy beautiful legs, so as to attract more handsome guys’ eyes, but also a good way to attract the man around him.

Therefore, because the proportion of the legs occupies almost half of the body, slender legs are often the most attractive to people’s eyes, and they can also radiate the charm of women.

  In the first group 1, the legs are opened, the left leg is raised about 10 cm from the ground, the toe of the left foot is lifted, the heel is off the ground, and the center of gravity is on the right leg.

  2. Hold your hands behind your head and twist your chest to the right.

  3. Press your upper body down to the left.

After staying for 10 seconds, Action 1 is resumed, and the left and right sides are repeated 5 times in turn.

  The second group 1, sitting, legs straight, feet against the window.


Hold your head with both hands, and slowly press your upper body down toward your legs until you feel sore legs. Go back to step 1 and repeat 8 times.