Shen Ruoxi and Chen Hao laughed at the same time!It’s just that Shen Ruoxi smiles funny,And Chen Hao smiles shyly。

“Do you two explain?”
Qin Liang said awkwardly。
“Explain what?We two are in love,Hug,And then kissed?What’s up?Do you have an opinion?”
Shen Ruoxi endured a smile and answered nonchalantly……Compared to the past,She is indeed much more open,She is now,Not only can this kind of joke be made,And it doesn’t blush anymore。
“I have a hasty!you guys……”
Qin Liang was so shocked that he didn’t know what to say。
Chen Hao wants to explain,But seeing Shen Ruoxi smile happily,So he swallowed it back。
“Us what we?”
Shen Ruoxi proactively asked。
“It’s nothing……You two are happy,Wish you two happiness……”
Qin Liang has a strange expression,Speak insincerely。
At this moment, he is double jealous!Obviously these two women belong to him,But these two women are in love,Hug,Kissed,Nothing wrong with him,It’s strange that he is not awkward。
Although he knew it must be just a joke,But this joke doesn’t sound funny at all to him……
“Thank you,Hehe。”
Shen Ruoxi said triumphantly。
“Don’t listen to her nonsense,Nothing,Didn’t kiss at all……”
Chen Hao feels it is necessary to come out and clarify the facts,Otherwise, this matter will become true!