“master,I’m here to call you!”

Liu Xiaoyun said quietly on purpose。But when she walked into the room,Only found out that the room was empty,Qin Liang is not in the room at all!
“what!This is God’s help!”
Liu Xiaoyun is overjoyed,She walked to Qin Liang’s bed,Put the phone next to his pillow,Then turned around and ran out。But when she just ran to the door,The door was pushed open again,Qin Liang accidentally came back at this time!
Both were shocked!Then I was shocked!
“Ruined!I just said that God helped me,In an instant it became my rhythm……Why am I so unlucky!This is just great,Blocked by the master!No chance to run。”
Liu Xiaoyun thought to himself。
“Why are you here?”
Qin Liang asked in surprise。
“Oh,I’m here to give you a cell phone。”
Liu Xiaoyun said lightly。
“Haha,Unexpectedly so coincidental!”
Qin Liang smiled happily,And closed the door easily!
“Over!I brought it to the door myself!”
Liu Xiaoyun feels a little bit。
“Xiaoyun,Since it’s here,Don’t worry about going back,Let’s talk for a while,what do you think?”
Qin Liang started to play the role of Grandma Wolf,Of course Liu Xiaoyun is the poor Little Red Riding Hood。