Don’t let drinks ruin your dental health

Don’t let drinks ruin your dental health

In the office at the same time, a certain drink is your story in the cup?

Coffee or herbal tea?

It must be sure that coffee, tea, and herbal tea are very healthy drinks.

Compensating according to different needs is very helpful for improving health or adjusting mood.

  But have you ever thought that this adult habit, while helping some parts of the body, may have a subtle effect on the health of another part, our teeth.

  What makes them teeth? Tea is a classic that has been precipitated after thousands of years of testing. Compared to other drinks, tea has a relatively small impact on teeth.

And tea is rich in ingredients such as fluorine and tea polyphenols, which can achieve the effect of preventing dental caries and fixing teeth.

However, drinking tea for a long time will cause some defects in the teeth, which will make the teeth yellow.

  Coffee is strong and mellow, and caffeine can help you eliminate tiredness as soon as possible.

Like tea, pure coffee is just a small regret that can stain your teeth.

But if you have the habit of adding sugar to coffee, you must pay special attention to it. The erosion of teeth and the severity of caries are directly proportional to the amount of various sugary drinks.

  Each kind of herbal tea has its special taste, aroma and efficacy, but the effect of herbal tea on teeth is relatively large, and its acidic components will corrode the enamel protective layer on the surface of teeth, and those teeth themselves have damage problemsOL, it is better to drink less.

  Keep your teeth moving and glorious. There is no doubt that these three drinks are vital.

When they have become an inalienable part of your life, you can spend a little bit of thought to keep your teeth healthy without giving up your love.


Drinking coffee and healthy daily care, put coffee, tea, and rinse your mouth with white water to remove residues that are harmful to your teeth.

Another way is to avoid the drinks from touching your teeth.

Here we recommend you a straw, but it seems more suitable for people who like orange juice and cola.

For hot drinks, if you really want to try, you must let the heat of the water in the cup cool down.


Have a long-term date with a dentist. Don’t wait to see a dental problem until you have a tooth problem. Prevention and health care is what you should do most.

Normally, a tooth wash is required once a year.

The so-called tooth washing is to remove calculus, smoke, tea stain, and coffee staining attached to the teeth by high-frequency ultrasound.

The teeth can be effectively whitened by washing the teeth. This treatment method does not damage the teeth and gums. It can also make periodontitis and dental caries comfortable and painless.


Daily dental care is very important. The surface of each tooth is covered with a layer of tooth enamel, which is a very hard substance that protects the teeth.

This kind of hardness is second only to diamond, and there are also times when heroes are short of breath.

When encountering acidic materials, after the enamel is worn and corroded, the fragile tooth essence is exposed, and the more and more exposed area, the more painful people will feel.

Over time, more severe pulp disease will come.

Therefore, daily dental care is especially important.

  Brushing tips: 1.

Choosing a good toothbrush is very important for dental care.

Using a brush head that is close to a wide band, the thickness of the bristles and soft and hard are moderate, and the toothbrush with good elasticity is better for cleaning the mouth, and it does not harm the teeth and gums.


The way to brush your teeth is very important. If you brush your teeth in the wrong way for a long time, it will cause damage to your teeth.

The correct method of brushing is the vertical brush method: put the front end of the bristles at the junction of the gums and the crown, and apply a little force in the direction of the teeth;Brush all over the face, and brush it several times in the same area.


The basic function of toothpaste is to clean teeth and prevent broken teeth.Brush several toothpaste of different brands on the surface of the CD case like a toothbrush 6?
At 10 times, their quality can be identified by comparing the brush marks.


Dental floss is sold in stores and supermarkets. It is made of cotton, linen, silk, nylon or polyester. There are waxy and non-wax, and also perfume or fluorine. It should not be too thick ortoo thin.

  Daily care item list 1.

Brush your teeth morning and evening: Always brush your teeth morning and evening, especially at night.

Brush your teeth for more than 3 minutes each time, focusing on the areas that are prone to accumulate tartar.


Use dental floss after the upper part: it is a powerful assistant for brushing teeth, easy to use and quite popular abroad.

It can be pulled back and forth between the interdental spaces to remove plaque and soft dirt on the critical surface of the tooth that cannot be brushed by a toothbrush, which is helpful for oral hygiene.


Chewing gum: Chewing gum containing xylitol can clean the soft dirt and food residue on the tooth surface. Since it does not contain sugar that can be used by bacteria, it is a relatively simple and convenient tooth care tool.