Living room,Murong Shan is still gossiping curiously。

“How not?There are too many boys chasing her!But this girl treats those boys,Always‘Cold eyebrow’Look like,So I never let any of those boys succeed.。”
Yang Shiyun answered with a smile。
“No wonder she is your apprentice,And the master,Ha ha。”
Murong Shan said with emotion。
“Why did it hit me again……Does she have a relationship with me without a boyfriend?……”
Yang Shiyun is so embarrassed,She feels like she is going to fall into the pit again。“of course!Haven’t you heard such a sentence?What kind of master,What kind of apprentice!So,The master is beautiful and charming,My apprentice is also charming,Master doesn’t find a boyfriend,The apprentice followed suit,Your master and apprentice are going to be nuns together
Is it?”
Murong Shan has a clever tongue,Without Liu Xiaoyun saying a word,But it shows her mouth is so good。
“Big sister,I think you should take medicine……”
Yang Shiyun wanted to cry without tears,She really took it,Why never know before,Murong Shan can make trouble like this!
“Don’t change the subject!I am asking you,Answer quickly!”
Murong Shan was not affected by Yang Shiyun at all,Continue to ask her。
“Refuse to answer this question!”
Yang Shiyun is helpless,I have to love it。
Liu Xiaoyun looked at Murong Shan and Yang Shiyun bickering excitedly,She is the protagonist today,So deliberately keep yourself like a quiet little beauty,Has been deliberately acting like a good girl,Except laugh,Basically don’t participate in the war,Don’t challenge。
And Liu Xiaoyun kept silent,Shen Ruoxue,Li Qiaoer,Li Yaxin and these girls“Qunlong without head”,Naturally, all are quiet as a virgin,It’s a great contrast to their usual chirping。
“Why not answer?Is it because you have a guilty conscience?Already secretly have a boyfriend?”
Murong Shan still stalked and asked。