[Can you eat barbecue in early pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can you eat barbecue in early pregnancy]_Early pregnancy_Can you eat

The first trimester of pregnancy is an important period. A little carelessness can cause miscarriage, so pregnant women should be careful.

In the barbecue, some meat is not cooked well, it is not easy to digest after eating, and no one has any nutrition, which is not good for pregnant women and babies.

In addition, the grilled meat contains a large number of bacteria, which may cause the baby to deform.

If you have to eat it, pay attention to roasting the meat before eating, and eat more bananas after grilling.

Let ‘s take a look at it in detail: ① It is best not to eat barbecue in the early stages of pregnancy, because barbecue contains a lot of harmful substances. Some lamb and pork barbecue restaurants, especially the barbecue stalls, may not have cooked meat.through.

In this way, pregnant women may become infected with Toxoplasma.

Expectant mothers can only eat ten mature meats, especially pork, beef and lamb.

When grilling meat, the inner and outer layers of the meat must be browned, without a hint of pink; when cooking the meat, the internal temperature must be at least 54 ° C.

② When grilling, the greatest danger of food poisoning comes from raw and undercooked meat, as E. coli, Salmonella, and Campylobacter may be parasitic.

When pregnant, does your body’s immune system function as usual?


Good, so you’re more susceptible to all the bacteria that cause food poisoning, and you’re more likely to get sick.

Although these bacteria may cause serious mothers to contract serious diseases, they will not directly affect your baby through the fetal disk.

③ If you really want to eat barbecue, you should also pay attention to the following points:?

Store the raw meat carefully, and be careful not to let the juice from the raw meat drip onto other foods.

Thaw before you start grilling, and keep it covered.


Make sure that frozen food is thawed completely before grilling.

? Separate raw and cooked meat in separate containers. Never use cooked food on plates or countertops where raw meat has been stored.

? Wait until the charcoal is red and the surface is covered with charcoal ash before grilling food.

Make sure to grill chicken, pork, burgers, sausages, and skewers all the way through.

Make sure that the meat is free of raw red hearts and roast the gravy.

You can use a fork or skewer to poke the thickest part of the meat and check whether it is fully roasted; when grilling, the charcoal temperature must reach 70 ° C, and it must be roasted for at least two minutes.

④ Diet Taboos in Early Pregnancy 1. It is not advisable to drink too much tea in the early stages of pregnancy, especially strong tea, because theophylline (caffeine) in tea has an exciting effect, leading to increased fetal movement and even harm to the growth and development of food.

2. Caffeine Caffeine will speed up the baby’s heartbeat and metabolism, so it will have a bad effect on the baby. Caffeine will also reduce the rate at which the mother’s blood flows into the uterus, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients in the blood supplied to the baby and affecting metabolism.
3, apricot and almond apricot flavor is hot and acidic, and has the effect of slipping.

Due to the heavy heat of pregnant fetal pneumonia, you should generally eat light food before giving birth, and the hot nature of apricots and their slippery characteristics are taboo for pregnant women.

Almond contains the highly toxic substance naphthalene, which can cause death by suffocation. Children eat 7?
10 almonds are lethal.

To prevent its toxic substances from affecting the pregnant women through the placental barrier, fasting almonds.