Direction sign for fitness

“Direction sign” for fitness

Faced with a variety of fitness programs, it is particularly important to choose the fitness method that suits you. The following is a detailed analysis of the eight popular fitness programs by experts.
To provide a “navigation mark” for the majority of fitness enthusiasts.
  Popular aerobics: Recommended index ★★★★★ The range of sports activities involves every joint in the whole body. In a course of about 50 minutes, the bodybuilder is encouraged and led by music, lighting, coach passwords, and participating partners.Perform rhythmic, step-by-step aerobic exercises.
It can burn a large amount of fat and improve the cardiopulmonary function of participants.
May be the first choice for weight loss, physical fitness and body shape.
  ☆ Not suitable for the crowd: cardiovascular, hypertension, diabetes and other patients are not easy to choose.
  Aerobic dance: recommended index ★ Aerobic dance (AEROBICDANCE) on the one hand can consume more calories, on the other hand, it can aerobicize many dance moves, unlike aerobic moves, it has many styles, according toDifferent characteristics of action and music: aerobic dance, aerobicdance, hip-hop, funk, salsa, etc.
  ☆适合人群:有舞蹈基础、以提高气质、保持优雅形体为目的的健身人群  有氧舞蹈-拉丁健美操:推荐指数★★★  拉丁健美操如JAZZAEROBICS;SALSAAEROBICS等,这些有氧舞蹈的特点就是髋There are many movements, and the effect of reducing waist and belly fat is especially prominent.
  ☆ There is no dance foundation, and poorly coordinated people are not easy to achieve fitness effects. Aerobic dance: Funk, hip-hop: recommended index ★ Funk, hip-hop are aerobic dance with free dance style.
The movements are relaxed and free of change, which can improve the coordination of exercisers and achieve the purpose of fitness.