Yang Shiyun immediately stated his position,Then looked at Shen Ruoxi。

“What do you think of me?I certainly believe it,Is there any other way if you don’t believe me??”
Shen Ruoxi said with a wry smile。
“Be happy,You have to look at things in a better and optimistic direction,The expert is the expert,Authority is authority,Since people dare to give you this kind of guarantee,It must be absolutely certain。”
Chen Hao hurriedly and comforted Shen Ruoxi a few words。
“Xiaoyun,Do you have a strange feeling?”
In the ward,Quiet nap,Responsible to accompany and guard her several Shen family sisters,Are scattered and sitting far away from her hospital bed,And of course Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,Li Qiaoer,Li Yaxin sitting side by side,At this moment, Shen Ruoxue is asking Liu Xiaoyun in a low voice suddenly。
“What strange feeling?I didn’t find it。”
Liu Xiaoyun suddenly felt“Chuckle”A moment:Did Shen Ruoxue find any flaws??But Liu Xiaoyun still replied in a casual manner.。
“I suddenly felt:They are a little weird when they talk。”
Shen Ruoxue said thoughtfully,But when she said this,Whether it’s Liu Xiaoyun,Li Qiao’er and Li Yaxin,All lost attention……Because when she calmed down and thought about things seriously, Ruoxue Shen,Looks so beautiful!The beauty is beyond description!
Of course,The same goes for Liu Xiaoyun,It’s just that Liu Xiaoyun doesn’t know it,Compared with Shen Ruoxue, who always pays attention to her beauty and figure,Liu Xiaoyun can say that she doesn’t care about her beauty and figure,In her cognition:The beauty and figure of girls are for men,Not for myself……
Precisely because of this thought,So in Shen’s house,No one can see Liu Xiaoyun standing in front of the mirror at any time“Gu Pan Shengzi”Self-pity,Would do this kind of thing,Will always be Shen Ruoxue。
“Hey,I’m talking to you,You ignore me,And they all looked at me intently,What the hell is this?”
Shen Ruoxue found that her question had not received any answer,Turn your face and have a look,I realized that all my three girlfriends were staring at me,Obviously they were not paying attention to what they said just now,So she asked tangledly。