[How to make hotpot soup base]_Hotpot soup base_How to make_How to make

[How to make hotpot soup base]_Hotpot soup base_How to make_How to make

Every winter, hot pot is people’s favorite food. It is very comfortable to sit next to the hot pot in the cold winter. Call a colleague or a good friend to hold your favorite food, it is slowly.Happiness.

But because many people do n’t want to go out in winter, they choose to do it at home, but if they want to make a delicious hot pot, the hot pot soup base is very important.

Preliminary: Make bottom soup.

Ingredients: stick bone section, a small amount of milk Steps: 1, stick bone section, wash 2, cold water pot, autoclave for 15 minutes.

3, stewed bone soup, you can add a little milk, creamy soup color is more attractive, you can also add nutrition.

At this point, the bone soup at this time is a good bottom soup.

4. Add the hot pot bottom material.

5, add onion segments, ginger slices, and you’re done.

Step 2: Make the dip.

You can make dipping sauce by using the pressure cooker to stew the bone soup.

Preparation: Sesame butter, peanut butter, white sugar, salt, tofu, pepper oil, leek flower, cooking wine, soy sauce, spring onion, warm water, oyster sauce, etc. 1, the “two-eight rule” for dipping: 80% sesame butter + 20% peanut butterAdd some white sugar, add warm water, slowly melt and stir clockwise.

2, then add tofu and bean curd, a small amount of salt, half a spoon of vinegar (degreasing), a small amount of pepper oil and sesame oil (to make the hemp sauce more mellow), you can also add oyster sauce, chicken essence, continue to stir clockwise,Large particles.

Finally, add chives, green onions, parsley, etc. according to personal preference.

Step 3: After preparing the meal, eat the bottom of the pot and prepare the dipping sauce. Then you can prepare the meal and eat the hot pot.

The simplest is to buy beef and mutton shavings, a few handfuls of greens, and a handful of noodles.

Preparation: meat-fat beef shavings, lamb shavings; vegetables-lettuce, cabbage, spinach, artemisia, enoki mushroom, vermicelli, tofu, lasagna, potatoes, fungus, mushrooms, etc .; meatballs-beef balls, chicken balls, fishPills and so on.

Staple food-roll noodles (or noodles) can be started.