How to use the essence properly


How to use the essence properly

Essence is not a specific skin care product. More manufacturers use the brand name to attract consumers. The brake highlights that its product has high active ingredients and more effective skin care. It has various effects such as eye cream, conditioner, mask,Various products with different appearances are added with the word “essence” in the name.


hzh {display: none; }  保湿精华素价格偏高  专家说,精华素之所以价格偏高,是因为其制作时需要的科技含量高。In order to concentrate various skin care ingredients, or to maintain the active ingredients in the product, it must be produced. The preservation method is different from ordinary skin care products. The essence of the essence can be divided into these categories: animal essences such asCollagen essence, mink oil essence is warm and nutrient-rich, suitable for dry skin. The familiar capsule essence is generally an oily ingredient.

  Vitamin essence is targeted for denaturation, but too many vitamins are improved. If you do not discard closed vials for packaging, the biological activity of its concentrated ingredients will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, if you want to use vitamin essence, it is better to buy this particular bottled product.

  Choose suitable serums Generally, plant essences have little irritation to the skin and are suitable for all skin types.

  Fruit acid essence has improved pore astringency and can make skin firm and smooth, but it is not suitable for allergic skin.

  Mineral essence can supplement the trace elements required by the skin, and is more suitable for women who are under heavy work and stressed.

  How is the serum used?

  The essence is basically very refreshing. The so-called moisturizing type means that after the skin care products absorb, a slippery protective film will form on the shell, but it does not mean that it will be very greasy.


Take an appropriate amount of product and pour it into the palm of your hand 2.

Apply the product to the skin, do not apply force3.

Tap lightly to make the product fully absorbed by the skin. Precautions for using the essence. The essence cannot be used too frequently. Concentrated products must be used according to the product instructions.

In particular, healthy skin does not require daily use of serum.

  Women over the age of 25 often have dull skin and wrinkles due to age or fatigue, and should be able to moisturize and prevent wrinkles.

Ordinary lotions, lotions, creams and other products with high moisture content such as hyaluronic acid in the essence, so older women should pay attention to the use of some special effects essence.

If young girls are prone to small fine lines around their eyes, they can also add an appropriate amount of serum.